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Getting Started

Start training with us today!

We have two great facilities to choose from:

  • 406 Main St, Avon by the Sea, NJ (732) 988-1555
  • 407 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ (732) 701-3889

We have  several ways to get you started on our program.

Everyone that steps into our facility must go through a kettlebell orientation, or as some call it “Kettlebell Kindergarten”.

We want to make sure that everyone is brought up to speed and has mastered the basic kettlebell and body weight movements.

“The Basics” include:

  • Body weight squat
  • Push up variations and progressions
  • Body weight row and pull up variations
  • Kettlebell deadlift
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Kettlebell high pull
  • Kettlebell clean
  • Kettlebell press variations
  • Kettlebell front squat
  • Kettlebell thruster
  • Kettlebell snatch

If you don’t know what any of these are, don’t worry, you will be very familiar with all of them after we get finished with you.

We discourage long term one on one training and feel the semi-private or group atmosphere to be more beneficial to the client and trainer.  The  energy in a group session provides motivation for both trainer and trainee which makes the session more productive. Besides it is more cost effective.

Group Intro Class

This is the perfect class for anyone who is looking to get started  up with us!

We run a weekly group intro class every Thursday from 8am-9am.

Your first class is ALWAYS FREE!

The drop in cost for this class is $25 or $100 for 5 classes.  This intro class will cover the basic kettlebell and body weight movements along with other important movements used in our group training program.

If you can’t make the group class, we can schedule a private of semi-private intro class to get you started!

Private Training

Although one on one is discouraged, we feel it is sometimes necessary for new members to train with in this setting to fine tune their basic skills.

Once you have mastered the basics and are familiar with our system it is time to move on to group training.

30 minute private training sessions can be scheduled by contacting us via email or phone.

Our Private Training packages are listed here.

Small Group or Semi-private Training

For those who prefer the the smaller group setting, semi-private is for you.

All semi-private sessions are 30 minutes in length and are scheduled by appointment.  If you don’t have a group to train with, don’t worry, we will set you up with a group that suites you at a time slot that fits your schedule.

Since this session is only 30 minutes, which we feel is enough time to get it done, we recommend that you show up 10-15 minutes before your session to get warmed up and ready to rock and roll.  We will give you a warm-up that you will use each time you come in. We don’t wish to waste your time or ours by standing there watching you warm up.

Kettlebell and Body Weight Foundations Class

Another way to get started with us is through our “Foundations Classes” that we hold periodically.  This includes two hours of intensive instruction.  We guide you through all of our teaching progressions of all the kettlebell/body weight  movements listed above, plus a little taste of our training.  We will send out an email notification of our next scheduled foundations class.

Make sure you get on our email list to receive updates on when we will be holding these classes. The cost of this class is $40.  This $40 fee will be applied to your first month of training if you decide to join.

Do this on the main page here where it says “Join our newsletter”!

Group Training (Classes)

This is our bread and butter and also what the majority of our clients come to us for.

Once all the basics are mastered, then you may come to any group class.

Our group classes start promptly at the time they are scheduled and are 1 hour in length.

We do a 10-15 minute warm-up that includes joint mobility, body weight and kettlebell movements to get you prepared for what’s to come.

After the warm-up we explain and demo the workout and address questions or concerns.

After performing the workout, we stretch as a group for 5-7 minutes.

You can view our group class schedule here.

Group training membership rates can be viewed here.

Give us a call or shoot us an email

The Training Room • 406 Main St. • Avon By The Sea, NJ • (732) 988-1555