I love having Zach in the area.

He gets me  doing things that I don’t normally do. Training wise and business wise.

The Milkman and I keep our training and our business strong and fresh by hanging and chatting with the best around including guys like Zach.

This also gives us more ideas for us and our own clients which keeps everyone challenged and interested in training.

Be creative by thinking of different ways to lift an object.

For example: I never tried the staggerer grip on the keg until Zach showed it to me.

Try to put at least one day of odd object lifting into your training program.

It’s fun, and will help keep you from falling into a training rut.

How have you been keeping yourself out of the rut?

We would love to here it!

BTW, Zach will be taking Q and A at our upcoming kettlebell certification. Don’t miss the opportunity to train and learn from some of the best, and get outside your comfort zone!

We will be taking a final head count this week and closing out this certification.

Sign up here!

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