What an awesome and fun event!

We had 11 teams total come out for the madness including two teams from Philly and several from North Jersey.

Our friends and kettlebell training gurus, Pamela and Jason from Urban Athlete came out to represent the Philly crew along with David Lee of Real World Strength.

Our friend, and Underground Strength Coach,  Zach Even esh come out to help represent Team Training Room with The Milkman, Boxing Mike, Stinger Derek and myself.



  1. Team Training Room: 36:28
  2. Iron Bull Crew: 39:23
  3. Snake Bites: 45:41
  4. Full Throttle: 44:15 + 2 minute penalty
  5. RWSL: 46:23
  6. Nasty Girls: 46:21
  7. Team Pink Ladies: 49:03
  8. Philly: 49:49
  9. Team Dirty: 50:47
  10. Avonaters: 50:52
  11. Team Chistian Pepe: 56:12

Here’s some footage to enjoy.

I broke it up into three parts.

Part One: Getting Warmed up

Part 2: Zach Even Esh vs Jason C Brown and The Milkman Does Pull ups

Part 3: The Cap goes nuts on the push presses!