What did you train today?

The gym’s been pretty busy these days, and my time has been limited.

Between work and getting ready for our upcoming kettlebell certification, my training time is minimal.

But, there is no excuse for not getting something done!

I had 20 minutes to spare before picking lunch up at Fins, and heading to school.

Warm up:

5 minutes of Zumba with a weight vest!

My good friend Zach Even Esh introduced me to the weighted Zumba warm up.  Stay tuned for footage!

When I’m crunched for time, my favorite thing to do is keep things simple.

This was a simple but challenging workout:

20 minutes

  • Perform kettlebell snatches for 30 seconds ( 15 sec right/15 sec left)
  • Jump rope for 30 seconds

Do this non stop for 20 minutes.

Keep a consistent pace for the entire 20 minutes.

I kept a 6/6 kettlebell snatch pace with 24kgs and used a weighted jump rope.

I also alternated forward and backward revolutions on the rope with each set.

Try this out!

You can modify the time to what ever works for you.

If you are not good on the jump rope, practice until you are!

It’s a great addition to your kettlebell conditioning!