Who wants to do this again?

Date: 6/5/11
What?: Teams of 4-6 people carrying kettlebells for a distance of 5k
Why?: Because we want to and we can!

Last year was a blast, plus we pissed off some of the running geeks from the Jersey Shore Running Club.

They said we were “stupid, stupid people for running with kettle bells”

Don’t they know the “kettlebells” is one word??

Who wants to come out, be stupid with us and and raise some money for the Avon by the sea First Aid Squad?

Unfortunately, The Milkman and I have a seminar to attend to, but Laura E says she will carry the torch for us this year.

Thanks Laura!

You can go here to sign up for the race.

You will want 4-6 people if you plan on doing the kettlebell farmers walk.

Please RSVP in the comments below yo!