That’s right!

It was January of 1999 when The Milkman and I first opened our doors in Belmar after working together for 5 years at The Atlantic Club.

I used to get yelled at all the time for not wearing my name tag!

It took $5000 to open our very first gym!

We started out with 800 square feet on Main St in Belmar and to be honest were a little nervous about paying the $800/ month rent.

Most of you know the stories about Belmar, right??

If not, read our amusing history here!

After 3 years, we outgrew Belmar and moved to Avon…

Again, nervous about more space and rent but had to take the chance.

At first we only occupied the single store front (the one all the way to the left if you look at the building from Main St)

After a year or so, we took over the storefront on the other end.

To make a long story short, we currently occupy the entire building and have more plans to make even more space in Avon!

In mean time, it was time to take another chance so….

We have decided to take our methods to Ocean County…

To be exact, Point Pleasant Beach.

We have actually been searching for space for over a year and have been pretty picky about what were looking for.

We have also taken on another partner in this new venture.

Boxing Mike has been with us for several years as a client and good friend.

We feel Boxing Mike Mulroy exemplifies the passion and energy that makes the Training Room tick.

Hears to you Boxing Mike!!

A BIG part of our business includes outdoor training and community involvement.

We love the small community of Avon by the sea, and feel that Pt. Beach has a similar feel and is a perfect fit for our business model.

When you watch the video I posted below, you will notice that we are right on the water.

Being riverfront will add a whole new component to our training and will open up many options for VERY unique training sessions.

Bottom line, there is NO training facility like us!

Avon people will confirm this…right Avon people??

We feel VERY strongly that we can positively impact the community of Point Pleasant Beach!

Hears to a stronger, fitter and healthier Ocean County!!

Check out the new diggs which will be opened in about 3 weeks from now.

And yes…

There will be a grand opening kickoff event so STAY INFORMED!!

BTW, I know that some of you Avon by the sea people are worried about The Milkman and I leaving you.

Don’t be!

We’ve got it figured out.