• Train with some of the most innovative fitness pros around.
  • Learn the most unique and practical training progressions for yourself or you clients.
  • Learn how to effectively use and combine kettlebells, your own body weight, barbells, sand bags and other training modalities in manner that can be translated to ALL levels.
  • Learn training progressions from the most elementary to the most insanely advanced to help sky rocket your strength and fitness levels to unimaginable proportions.
  • Learn how to design fast and effective training programs that will have your clients bowing down to you.
  • Have the opportunity to fire questions at three of the most creative and successful fitness professionals on the East Coast.
  • Learn how and why these training systems are implemented into individual and group training to optimize the efficacy of the learning process.
  • Let’s face it, we are a results oriented society, especially as fitness enthusiasts, and we want to see a difference NOW!
  • Not only will you notice an immediate improvement in your current training, but you will learn the drills and techniques needed to implement in your training for years to come to keep your skills advancing to mastery status.
  • Learn what tool is the right fit for each client and at what time.
  • Learn the safest, most effective progressions to keep you and your clients advancing for years to come.

Some of the information taught will take minutes to learn which can be implemented into your training immediately…..

But years to master!

Expect to walk away with years of training knowledge from experts who have studied, implemented and improved their systems through trial and error and thousands of hours of practice and study, saving you years of headaches, plateaus and mistakes, not to mention more time and money.

Whether your relatively new to training or an advanced athlete, you will have hands on expert guidance and coaching delivered to you personally at this exclusive workshop that is guaranteed to take your training to the next level!

Sounds pretty cool…right?

Well, it is!

The Training Room is proud to present to you….

My friend and strength freak of nature, Matt Wichlinski!

The Milkman and I will be teaming up with Matt on February 25 for an ALL DAY hands on workshop of workshops!!

Matt is one of the strongest and most explosive humans that I know!

Not only is HE freakishly strong, he also knows a thing or two about getting other people strong with his unique and innovative training methods.

Join us on Saturday, Feb 25 for this incredible day of hands on training and educating…


an overall great time!

If you have ever been to one of our workshops, you know that will not only walk away with great information….

You will also have an awesome time!

If you didn’t know already…

The Milkman and I have been in the Training game for over 20 years and have been running one of the most successful training studios on the East Coast since 1999.

Got Milkman?

Our unique training system has been PROVEN affective for everyone including the average Joe/Joanne to Olympic and Pro Athletes!

Including USA/Olympic Soccer Superstar and Team Captain Christie Rampone.

Come find out some of the secrets to our success as leaders in the fitness world.

Program Design!!

Get in early and save yourself some cash…

Commit before January 20 and pay only 247.00

Click Here to sign up and save (First 10 get a LIFETIME subscription to TrainingRoomOnline)

Note: This lifetime subscription isn’t even available to the public! One year is priced at $107/year!

is where we post ALL of our daily training sessions along with a private video library that boasts hundreds of instructional video with practical training tips and ideas for yourself and clients.

After January 20, the price will go up to 300.00

We’ll be holding this ground breaking event in our beautiful water front Point Pleasant Beach training facility.

The Training Room, 407 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Time :9am-5pm

Water will be provided…

Make sure to bring lunch and snacks…

To get the most out of this workshop, we will be NOT be taking long breaks.


Be ready to TRAIN HARD and LEARN!!

Any questions can be directed by email: