In the attempt to hold myself accountable…

I’m going to  use this blog post to list a few of my strength goals.

Here’s what I would like to accomplish in the gym this year:

I would like to accomplish these goals at body weight between 165-170lbs.

  • 450 lb deadlift (best is 415 back in the 80’s)
  • 48 kg strict kettlebell press (best is 40kg)
  • One weighted pull up with 165 lbs of weight ( my best is 115)
  • One arm pull up
  • 35 dead hang body weight pull ups (my best is 30)
So far, I think that’s enough.

I would also like to start doing yoga on a consistent basis.

In order to keep myself motivated to reach these goals, I plan on learning and training with some of the best and expanding my knowledge by attending more strength workshops, and reading more books.

What do you want to get accomplished?

I would love to know.

Post below!


Uncle Mike

BTW, if you need some motivation/inspiration the help you reach your goals, it is a great idea to get yourself to as many strength workshops as you can and pick the brains of great strength coaches.

That is exactly what I will be doing.

Take advantage of this upcoming killer workshop!

Deads and windmills with Mr Louis.

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