What are you doing May 12th???

I’ll tell you what you are doing!

You are gonna learn the simple and scary effective way to be stronger than the offspring of Hercules and Sasquatch!!!

How would you like to get a 30% increase in your ass kicking abilities in the gym, and in life, just by spending 1 day in the gym???

It might sound ridiculous, or maybe as though I’m just cracked out on some of Chappelle’s finest, but I have truly discovered the simplest way to increase your performance in the disciplines below by up to 30% in the span of a day or less…
• Deadlift
• Bench Press
• Squat
• Overhead Press
• Vertical Jump
• Linear Speed

That’s right…the same lifts you might have been hitting a plateau on or seem to be getting constantly injured on will go up in 1-Day…GUARANTEED!!!

These have been tightly guarded secrets in many of the most prestigious strength and conditioning circles, but because I have the balls to step out and teach you, and YOU have the desire to become a STRONGER, more EXPLOSIVE, badass version of yourself…I’m going to go out on a limb and throw some knowledge bombs on you. #TopSecretNextLevelShit!!!

No longer are you going to have to be embarrassed or frustrated about how hard you’ve worked…yet how little you’ve gained!!! I’ve been there…I know it sucks the big one!!!

You see, we all know that the core lifts that we routinely do while training (squat, bench, deadlift, and Overhead Press) are very simple movements, but what I bet you DIDN’T know is how complex the execution of them can be…

Form is EASILY the fastest way to have your lifts become something you brag about to all of your other friends in the weightroom or around the water cooler. That’s right, unlike what Coach Johnson taught you in High School, or that meathead with the fake tan and fanny pack spotting you at your Globo-Gym have told you about lifting, it’s not just “Grip It and Rip It…”

Quite the contrary, just like anything in life, to be successful at it, you must know HOW to do it. It’s all about efficiency of movement, and that’s just what you’ll learn!!!

Out with the old and in with the AWESOME!!!

So what will we cover???

1. Proper lever alignment for INSTANT improvements in your lifting
2. The single most important coaching cue for a HUGE bench
3. The three simple cues that’ll help you squat and deadlift pain free while getting more weight
4. How increasing your Bench Press will AUTOMATICALLY up your Overhead Press…and vice versa
5. The simple tricks that give you BIG RESULTS

But that’s only a small fraction of the badassery I’ll be thrusting upon you…

We won’t just be checking to make sure your form is good enough to get the results you want…we are going to make sure your system’s one that is conducive to lifting more weights than an angry Russian

I will teach you the SIMPLEST and MOST EFFICIENT way to put together a training routine that will help you roundhouse kick your old Personal Records like its your job!!!

With simple guidelines, and a better understanding of how we weightlifting ass kickers BEST utilize energy, you’ll learn how to put together a Bulletproof training routine for ANYONE!!!

Plyometrics (how these explosive movements can help you move heavy weights at break neck speed)
Core Lift (Why this should be the backbone of your daily routine and deserves the UTMOST attention)
Supplemental Work (How these won’t just make you look good in your birthday suit, but how certain ones will make your numbers on the Core Lifts FLY!!!)
Accessory Work (why although these are boring, they are one of the keys to prevent injury…if you’re injured…you can’t lift…if you can’t lift, you get fat and weak!!!)

You’ll learn why your body’s Nervous System and Energy Systems are the KEY to unlocking your TRUE genetic potential, and why one of the reasons you might have failed with the numbers you want is that you are simply working TOO HARD!!! #WorkSmarter…NotHarder!!!

Ultimately you’ll learn how to become the lifter you WISH you were! But only if you take action and decide that you’ve had enough of accepting less from your training.

It’s time to demand more…

It’s time you STOP assuming that you can’t reach your goals, and START taking control of what you need to be doing to get them!!!

It starts with you.

Are you content with being middle of the pack, or are you ready to start kickin’ some ass?!!!

If you’re ready to make some big moves, then strap on your Chuck Norris pants and lets make you an Ass-Kicker!!!

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Date: Saturday, May 12

This one day Seminar will begin at 10 am and will run until 5pm or until you are satisfied…

Location: The Training Room, 406 Main St, Avon by the sea, NJ 07717