We’ve got so much going on here in the next few months so I figured I would do a blog post about it.

Since events and continuing education/seminars are an extremely important way to keep US and YOU on your toes, educated and up to date with the latest and best training information….

We’ve decided to schedule quite the calender for the next 6 months ahead.

Here it goes….

April brings us some of the most innovative coaches and great friends Sincere Hogan and Ken Blackburn for a weekend of kettlebell and body weight fun!

The Training Room Point Pleasant Beach, 407 Channel Drive

Go to the links below to sign up for either one, or both seminars….

Save yourself $50 before March 24 by using the coupon code “trainingroom” at checkout!

Level 1 New Jersey-042122: New Warrior/Complete Athlete Workshop

Level 2 New Jersey-042212: New Warrrior/Complete Athlete Workshop


Now for May…

Training Room Point Pleasant Beach

Tactical Strength Challenge..

Start your training now!!

Go to the link below to read more about the TSC and to sign up…

Sign up here!

May 12…

Training Room Avon by the sea, NJ

Bust through PR’s on the bench,squat,deadlift and overhead press with Chandler Marchman AKa the MANdler..

MANdlers unique approach to extreme strength gains will astonish you…

This seminar is not for everyone…only those who are interested in getting SUPER strong!!

Go here to read more.

June 9…

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best and highly respected strength coaches in the world..

James Smith aka..Smitty from Diesel Crew fame will bring his innovative methods of how to teach the Bench, Squat and deadlift properly along with other accessory lifts…

Smitty has a way of breaking things down into the most simple yet effective way and has some of the best teaching progressions I have ever seen.

Just as important as the training aspect is recovery…

Smitty will reveal his secret methods of recovery that he only brings to his workshops and seminars.

The Milkman and I recently attended on of his seminars and were blown away by his methods and knowledge!

Do yourself and your clients a favor and sign up for this one day seminar…

Go here to sign up and expand your training knowledge.

June 16…

The Training Room’s own Integrated Kettlebell Certification Course..

The info can be found here.


It doesn’t stop here!!

August will bring two of the best Kettlebell teachers in the World.

If you are looking to raise your game in the sport of kettlebell lifting, or want to learn the most efficient way of training with kettlebells…..

Our friends Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn will be bringing their level 1 and level 2 IKFF CKT courses right here to our beautiful Point Pleasant Beach facility.

Steve has been doing kettlebell seminars at The Training Room since 2004!

Dates are set for….

Level 1: August 3 and 4

Level 2: August 4 and 5

Sign up info will be posted soon.

Please feel free to drop us a comment below and please let us know if you have any questions…