A few months ago, Men’s Fitness asked me to write an article about what I think are the 10 biggest mistakes seen with kettlebell training.

With the increase population in CrossFit style or so called “functional training” including the use of kettlebells, it is common to see “trainers” or fitness enthusiasts trying to teach, or implement methods that they do not understand, or have not had proper coaching.

The Training Room has been operation since 1999…

The Milkman and I have been using kettlebells as our primary strength tool since 2002.

We decided to get officially certified in 2003 by Pavel and the RKC….

Props to Pavel for kicking off the entire kettlebell craze! If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be where we are today.



Then went back in 2005 for level 2 and then again in 2007.

After that, we go involved with Steve Cotter and the IKFF.

Along the way, we’ve developed our own training style that we feel works the best for us and our members.

The bottom line is…

You have to continue your education and continue to evolve as a fitness professional in order to provide your members and yourself with the best training possible.

You have to develop your own style and progress your members safely with or without kettlebells.

It seems like some so called fitness gurus feel they don’t have to attend seminars or workshops because they think they already know everything.

I will add another to the top 10 list of kettlebell mistakes…

This can actually go on a general list for ALL fitness professionals..

#1. Check your ego at the door, surround yourself with great coaches/people and continue to learn from them.

Go here to see the entire list of “kettlebell mistakes”


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