Hey everyone…

With Summer upon us…

Things start really cranking up at The Training Room.

This is probably our busiest time of the year, and as always we want to make sure that everyone has their technique dialed in before they filter into our famous group training.

Great technique is not only a crucial safety factor, it is required if you wish to see RESULTS from your training!

We have made this process easier by offering a FREE one hour introduction for new members interested in our program.

When: Tuesday June 19 at 7 pm

Where: The Training Room, 407 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

What will we cover?

  • Basic kettlebell movements such as the dead lift, swing, clean, press and squat.
  • Basic body weight progressions.
  • Safety concerns and avoiding injury while training.
  • Sample workout
All current members are invited as well.

We will cover any other movements that you would like to work on.

Please call: 732-701-3889 or email info@trainingroomonline.com to reserve your spot.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

The TR Staff