Hey folks!

Just a quick heads up…

We will be hosting Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn’s Level 1 and 2 IKFF Kettlebell Certifications at the Avon gym on Ausgust 25th and 26th respectively.

Start time for both will be 10am and courses will run all day.

Sign up links:

See the flier below for all the details.

“““Ken has coached the following to win Nationals Championships as well as attain CMS (Candidate Master of Sport), MS (Master of Sport) or MSIC (Master of Sport International Class):

Sara Smothers – MSIC, IKFF National Champion

Donica Storino – MSIC, IKFF National Champion

Mitch Blackburn – CMS, IKFF National Champion

Lee Quattrone – CMS, IKFF National Champion

Andrea Borders – CMS, IKFF Invitational Champion

Dina Ross – CMS, IKFF Invitational Champion

John Lesko – CMS, IKFF National Champion

Christopher Doenlen – CMS, IKFF National Champion

Eric McGill – CMS, IKFF National Champion

Julie Diller – CMS


“Ken has also trained countless rank 1 lifters”


*Ken has taught workshops and certifications in every major US city as well as England, Scotland, Norway.  In addition, Ken has trained in Russia with World Champion coaches and athletes.