Who wants to venture out with us?

Time to bust out of the gym setting and head out to the place where some of us belong…

Out in the elements!!

Some of you know about the SEALfit challenge that I completed a few weeks ago.

Training for this amazing team challenge involved a lot of outdoor training on the beach that was tough in many ways, yet fun and great for the spirit.

It was life changer!

I actually looked forward to getting up early Sunday morning to meet my friends on the beach for 1.5 hours of training outside our comfort zone.

While running on the beach, climbing under and over obstacles, lifting rocks, doing pull ups, getting wet and sandy…we came to thinking that maybe we should offer this type of training to individuals with the same mindset as us.

I know you”re out there, because when I posted this idea on facebook, I got a big response!


The Milkman and I discussed the idea of running a Sunday program that involves 1.5 hours of outdoor training early in the morning two times a month at several locations around the Jersey Shore area.

This may not be for you if…

  • You who like to sleep in on Sundays after overindulging on Saturday night.
  • You want to stay warm and cozy in your bed on Sunday morning.
  • You don”t like discomfort.
  • You don”t like getting your hands dirty.
  • You don”t like fresh air.
  • You don”t like the feeling of satisfaction after completing a challenging training session with your friends.
  • Your afraid you may enlighten your spirit and maybe have fun!
  • You”re not a team player.

Then again, I know many who can get up and train hard after a long night of throwing down liquid grains!

Here”s the deal…

We will start this program with or with out YOU!

We will run training sessions every other Sunday starting 10/21 at 7 am.

Training Dates:

  • 10/21 Free (Fitness testing day at The Training Room, Avon)
  • 11/4
  • 11/18
  • 12/2
  • 12/16

The good news is, your first training session will be ON US!

After that…it”s up to you weather or not you will continue with us on this journey.

Price structure:

  • Training Room Members: $75 ( 8 week training program) or drop in for $25
  • Non Training Room Members: $100 (8 week training program) or drop in for $30

>>> <<<

We plan on running this program year round!

We will kick off this 8 week program with a quick fitness test in the “Court Yard of Crush” in Avon, and then will venture out from there.

Equipment needed:

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Change of cloths
  • Ruck sack or some type of sturdy back pack (check e bay, I got an Alice pack for $35)

What will this program involve?

  • Email notification of training site and gear needed (you won”t need much) no less then 24 hours prior to training.
  • Free first class and fitness testing (to be retested after 8 weeks of training)
  • Group warm up and 1.5 hours of training.
  • Training in areas such as beaches, parks, trails, woods etc..
  • Fun yet challenging training sessions that will involve being out in the elements and using natural modalities as a means to physical strength/endurance and mental toughness.
  • Fun team building challenges

All who sign up will be put on an exclusive email list and will recieve important info on the location and gear needed for each upcoming training session.

Who”s with us?

Any questions can be directed to mike@trainingroomonline.com