Let us teach your child great training habits!

Let us help to boost your child’s self esteem, confidence and self image…

Let us help your child become a stronger and healthier individual.

With the increase of childhood obesity and related diseases in our society, the importance of safe, fun and effective fitness programs have grown tremendously.

After all, what is more important then your child’s health?

The Training Room has been helping adults and athletes become strong, healthy and confident individuals since 1999 and now it’s time to help our youth do the same.

Our highly educated, caring and experienced staff is more then ready to help bring your child’s health and fitness to the next level.

We will be starting our next 8 week program in Point Pleasant Beach on 4/9 at 5 pm.

This 8 week program will be run on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 pm and will run until 5/28.

There will be one Saturday “make-up” day available (17 classes)

There will be discounts for 2 or more family members.

Ages 9-12 (c0-ed)

What to expect from us:

  • Dynamic warm up to prepare your child for safe and effective training.
  • Gradual exercise progressions for all levels of fitness.
  • Natural training and moving the way your child was meant to move including squatting, jumping, pushing, pulling, crawling, climbing and more.
  • Motivated, educated, caring and experienced staff.
  • Fun games and incentives to motivate your child.
  • Discussion about proper food choices.
  • Proper stretching techniques.

What’s expected from you and your child?

  • Your child should be willing to participate.  We do not wish to force your child to partake in our training program.
  • Make sure to pack a water bottle. Point Beach has water available for purchase.
  • Be consistent and be punctual.  We want your child to get the most out of our program.

Click on the link below to sign up for this program.

Or, checks can be made out to….

TR2U LLC (for Point Beach)

Discounted rates are available if you are a member of the The Training Room in Avon or Point Pleasant Beach.

You must sign up and commit for the entire 8 week program (no refunds)

A fit child is a happy and confident child!

Point Beach sign ups below

Training Room Members: 197.00

Non-Training Room Members: 247.00

Here are my own children having a blast in Point Beach.