The Training Room Olympics have been rescheduled for December 2!!

We have changed the location to Point Beach!

We will celebrate 0ne year at the Point Beach location and the post Hurricane Sandy re opening!

The Training Room is well known for putting on some of the best events at the shore!

We are very great full for our community, and feel that is crucial for us to give back to it.

After all…

Our community has been very patient with us and our crazy (but positive) ways and has allowed us to grow tremendously over the past 13 years or so.

Of course our biggest and most well known event is the Warrior Challenge which attracts over 200 participants and on average raises over $20,000 for the Silent Warrior Foundation each year.

We run a marathon row for to raise money for The Nicholas Leather Heart to Heart foundation in memory of our good friends’ Joan and Andy Leather’s late son Nicholas.

What ever the event may be…

We always assure it will be a positive experience for all that attend/participate and will also have a positive impact on our community.

Bring on The Training Room Olympics!

Come out with your friends and test yourself Training Room Style!

We will call this challenge “The Training Room Olympics”

When: December 2

Place: The Court Yard of Crush, Avon NJ

Cost: $30

Proceeds will go to the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital.

This will be open to all training room members and non members.

Sign up here!

Teams will consist of 5 people which will be formed on your own.

Each teammate will perform their own task and then tag the next teammate who will then perform their next task.

This will be done until all tasks are completed by each person on the team.

Tasks will be…

  • One mile run
  • 100 kettlebell snatches (men use 24 kg, women use 16 kg)
  • 100 kettlebell jerks¬†¬†(men use 24 kg, women use 16 kg)
  • 100 pull ups (dead hangers or kipping)
  • 100 burpees


  • Men’s Open (24kg)
  • Women’s Open (16kg)
  • Men’s Novice (20kg)
  • Women’s Novice (12kg)
  • Co-ed Open (women 16kg/men 24kg) farmer walk with 20 kg’s
  • Co-ed Novice (women 12kg/ men 20 kg) farmer walk with 16 kg’s
  • Men’s Iron (24kg bell, complete all events solo finishing with a .25 mile farmer walk with 24 kg bells)
  • Women’s Iron (16 kg bell, complete all events solo finishing with .25 mile farmer walk with 16 kg bells)
After all of this is done, all members of the team will farmer walk two kettlebells ( women 16’s and men 24’s) for one mile. Two kettlebells for each 5 person team.
Watch the video!

Winners will be crowned TR Olympic Champs and will get their picture taken with 4 time Olympic Medalist (3 golds and one silver) Christie Rampone while wearing her medals!!
A few years back we ran the same event and had an incredible turnout.

Here’s some footage…