Hey folks!

First off…

Thank you all for reading my last blog post on “Why I feel so fantastic!”

I appreciate all the feedback from you.


I get questions all the time about what motivates me to get up so early every day, work two full time jobs and stay so positive all time.

I guess the #1 answer would be that I love what I do.

Other aspiring fitness professionals are constantly telling us that they would love to have a business like The Training Room.

I get a lot of questions about our “Secrets” to running a successful gym.

Well folks…

There are NO training secrets because all of our training is posted on our website every single day for the past 8 years or so.

Hopefully your have our free I phone APP!

YES…training methods ARE  very important, and getting results keeps people coming back to you.

If you want to learn more about our training methods and how we run our groups, then attend one of our Certification Courses.

BUT, there is more to it then just the training.

The Milkman and and I work very well together and have for the last 13 years.

We don’t mind gettting here every morning at 6am!

There are not many days of work that we have missed since 1999.

Not including any natural catastrophes that have occurred between then and now, I can count on one hand the days we’ve missed in 13 years of business.

Here are a few other gems that work for us!

  • Consistency. (this cannot be emphasized enough)
  • Support from your awesome wife (This is a VERY important key to our success at The TR…our wives are very patient with us in all of the crazy stuff we do)
  • Show up day in and day out and give your best! (more CONSISTANCY)
  • Be willing to learn from others in order to stay on top of your game. (don’t be a know-it-all)
  • Join a mastermind of successful professionals (whatever your profession might be) who are all kicking ass and have the same mindset as you.
  • Repel negativity! Stay away from negative people who may drag you down with them.
  • Be like Cal Ripken (CONSISTANT!)

Here are some other personal things that I would like to share with you…

Uncle Mike’s Great Life Formula

  • Get up early every morning ( I wake up around 5am just about every day)
  • Take care of your body ( good food, sleep and consistent and smart training)
  • Work hard at doing what you love (if you hate what you do, change it)
  • Challenge yourself (find an event that will challenge you physically and mentally. For some this could be a marathon, SEALfit challenge or even a 5k walk or run)
  • Be nice to people and just be a good person (have a smile on your face, and don’t walk around looking like you ate and asshole sandwich)
  • Don’t complain about stuff ( no one wants to hear it, it’s annoying. If you need to vent, vent to your wife or a good friend who cares)
  • Promote healthy lifestyle to as many people you can (be active, train/play outdoors, at home, work, family parties, talk it up  etc…)
  • Do all of the stuff I mentioned above CONSISTANTLY and you will set a great example for your children, and they will do the same which will make the world a better place)

I’m sure there are a few things I’m missing here…

What can YOU add to this list?

I all starts at home folks!

Do your part by setting a great example for your children, or people that surround you.

I know this all sounds so very simple, but apparently it’s not because there are still WAY to many unhappy and unhealthy individuals walking the planet.

I will continue to be consistent, therefore I WILL be successful!


Uncle Mike