Hey guys…

It’s been a while since my last post, but I don’t post unless I have cool stuff to share with you.

There have been some positive changes to the gym including new paint and reorganization of the gym.

As the weather gets nice (soon), we will be cleaning up the court yard and getting ready for some very creative outdoor training.

The Point Beach gym is rocking out and we are looking to plan a cool event down there soon.

As some of you know, we have started a new block or training this week and we know you will enjoy it, but will also see some great results from this.

As always, we have been testing these training protocols on ourselves and speaking from experience I have never felt better or stronger.

The Mikman and I spent our evening on Sunday filming the the weeks training sessions for the website.

We will continue to do this each Sunday for our members ( off line as well as online)

Here’s an example of what’s to come.

Very efficient and adaptable to most.

As we get older, we have to re evaluate ourselves and ALWAYS be conscious of what we are doing to our bodies.

This includes smart training, recovery, nutrition and sleep!

In my opinion (and I know The Milkman feels the same)…It doesn’t make you a bad ass if you rip your face open while training and still continue your training session.

It also doesn’t make you a bad ass if you tear the crap out of your hands and post pictures on facebook.

Or going to complete muscle failure while performing a lift, compromising your form and slamming the weights on the floor while screaming like someone is ripping your limbs out of the sockets.

All the above doesn’t make you a Spartan or some type of Gladiator….

It just makes you a silly person!

I hate to see people get injured doing silly stuff.

We won’t alow any of our members to act in the above manner because as most of you know…

We care too much!

That’s enough rant for now, I feel much better.

Enjoy the rest of you week, train smart, eat clean, rest up, roll out and listen to Uncle Mike and The Milkman.


The Milkman and I have scheduled our next Kettlebell Certification for June 15 and 16.

We have a few killer guest speakers lined up for this and will be announcing this weekend so stay tuned!

Speaking of smart training, you can pick up MiniMetcons (four day sale) on sale now for only 23.00!


Uncle Mike