Time to get strong and lean just in time for Summer!


Here’s what a few dedicated TR Members say!

ALL new members must go through either a group intro session or schedule a private session with us.

This is to acclimate everyone to our program and assure proficiency and safety in the group setting.

The next group intro will take place onĀ Wednesday, 5/7 at 7:30 pm at our Manasquan location, 93 Atlantic Avenue.

The cost of this seminar is $40 which can be applied to your first month of training if you sign up with us that night.





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If you have any questions, or need to schedule a private session please feel free to email us at info@trainingroomonline.com

The intro session will include teaching of the basic kettlebell movements including…

  • kettlebell swing
  • kettlebell clean
  • kettlebell press
  • kettlebell squat
We will also go over the main body weight movements that we use in our training system and show you how we integrate them into a simple yet time efficient system that will TORCH FAT and get you STRONG!
4th of July
In addition to teaching you the foundation of our program, we will explain to you how our program works for ALL fitness levels.
The object of this class is to make you proficient in the above movements and prepare you for the group setting.
Studies show that training in a group is much more beneficial then one on one training.
The positive energy of a large group will motivate the individual to work harder and results will come quicker and easier.

Please pass this on to anyone that you may think would enjoy our training.

We look forward to helping your achieve your goals!

If you think you may take advantage of any of these classes or know someone who may, please drop a comment below.