“The Training Room provides the missing link to my training as a professional athlete  These workouts transfer to any sport or activity at ANY level. This program works perfectly for me as an Olympic Athlete and prepares me both mentally and physically for international, world class soccer.”

Christie Rampone: Captain USA Women’s Soccer



Attention:Female Athletes

The Jersey Shore’s ONLY Complete Female Training Program !

Are you ready for the season of your life!

Our unique approach to athletic strength, conditioning and physical readiness is second to none…

  •  You’ll gain the strength you need to outperform the competition.
  •  You’ll get the same conditioning program used by elite athletes like Christie Rampone
  •  Explosiveness first movements and “turn on a dime” agility and quickness
  •  Prevent nagging injuries allowing you to always play at your highest level.
  •  You’ll have laser like focus before, during and after every game.
  •  You’ll be under the care and guidance of Mike Stehle and Jim Milkowski. “Uncle” Mike and “The Milkman” are two of the best strength coaches in the state.

Literally… run over your competition!!

Don’t take our word for it. Come to a FREE introduction  for top female athletes on June 22

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday June 22

Time: 10:30 am

Place: 406 Main Street, Avon by the sea, NJ

Who should come:  Any high school or middle school female athlete that plays a fall sport.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Joint mobility program to help increase flexibility and movement efficiency.
    • Dynamic warm to prepare for your training session.
    • Innovative yet simple strength program to build the necessary strength/power needed to rise above the competition.
    • A Conditioning program that taxes the same energy systems of your sport….making game situations seem effortless.
    • Post workout recovery and flexibility program to help recover from intense training sessions and prevent overuse injury.

Listen what USA Soccer Captain Christie Rampone has to say.

We are offering this 6 week preseason strength and conditioning program starting July 2 and ending on August 8…

Classes will be run Tuesdays and Thursdays ( With exception of the first week.

July 2-August 8

Morning sessions: 10 am-11 am

All sessions will be held in our Avon by the sea training facility.

There will be  an orientation on Saturday, June 13 at 10:30 am for all athletes interested in our program.

Come dressed to work!

Address: 406 Main Street Avon by the sea, NJ


This is ONLY for those who are serious about training and improving themselves.

Cost for this is 6 week program is $297.00

Serious Female Athlete’s ONLY go to the link below!

=====>>> Go here to improve yourself!<<<=====

Any questions can be directed to mike@trainingroomonline.com