Hey guys!

As many of you know, the Warrior Challenge is scheduled for Saturday 7/20.

Registration will start soon and we will let you know when the it is up on the Warrior Challenge website.

In the mean time, you will need to be prepared for what lies ahead.

We have revamped this event to make it team orientated.

We feel that this is more appropriate and embraces the warrior spirit.

Your 4 person team events look like this.

  • 1/2 mike sand run (teams carry sand bags ranging from 60-100 lbs depending on what category you are in)
  • 100 pull up team challenge
  • 200 burpee team challenge
  • 300 yards of pain (mystery event)
  • 1/2 mile team finisher
All the above events must be executed without dropping your sandbag!
Watch the video explanation below!