This morning, as usual, I showed up at the gym at 5:30 am to prepare for the 6 am group training session and was reminded by dedicated TR member, Mike Brown that I’ve been way too quiet on this blog.

I’ve got a few things to talk about and who knows where this may end up.

First thing to discuss is how we like to set up training sessions at the Training Room.

It is important to get your mind into the training session (the day before) and know exactly what you are going to do before the crowd starts to roll in.

You don’t EVER want to look like you are unprepared in front of your members.

Get some tunes going to get the energy flowing…

Maybe start out with some Reggae to ease into things.

Then as things get rolling, crank it up with a little old school rap or maybe some classic rock.

Write the session on the board..

Get the room set up…

When the crew starts wondering in, be upbeat and positive…

Talk to everyone.

Make fun of them…

Use all their nicknames properly and get the class started on time!

There’s always the ball busting rituals that go on among TR characters such as the door wars between “Bike Rack” ┬áBecker and “Envelopeus” or the continuous banter that happens between “Vending Machine Dean” and “Fertilizer Matt”.

At the Training Room, we always start out with 5 minutes of head to toe joint mobility to wake everyone up.

At this time, you are looking around the room to figure out how the group will flow, how people will be teamed up or paired (if necessary).

This is also a good time to talk to your members and see how everyone is feeling. They may have some injuries that need to be addressed, or worked around.

Since today was more of a kettlebell and body weight session, we did our usual KB warm up.

We keep our sessions as simple and efficient as possible with the program designed to accommodate very large groups.

We choose the kettlebell as our main strength tool and for it’s ability to be used efficiently and safely in large groups.

We started using kettlebells around 2002 and haven’t turned back.

Don’t get me wrong…

I still enjoy and nice squat, dead or press session with the barbell, and we do leave those options for our members on certain strength days.

We affiliated with CrossFit in 2005 because we wanted to transition into a group training model and thought that CrossFit would be solid platform for that.

I worked OK for a while, but we were really creating our own system with the use of the kettlebell in place of Olympic lifts.

This just worked much better for us with the limited space we had and the people loved using the bells.

We would get tons of phone calls and emails from people looking to do the WOD.

We had to explain to them that we don’t do the WOD but stick to our very own system that progresses the beginner more gradually to prevent disasters.

“You aren’t CrossFitting?”

Many people ask why we abandoned our CrossFit affiliation…


I suppose the main reason IS that we really were not following the program, and JUST wanted to build our own brand and NOT depend on the name.

We wanted to just be OURSELVES.

Although there are some very good CrossFit Gyms out there…

There are also WAY too many that don’t have a clue how to progress a de-conditioned individual safely through their program.


Besides, we feel that our program works MUCH better for ALL ages and levels of ability from retired High School Principals to world class Athletes!

Retired High School Principal…

World Class Athlete…

The Training Room will be celebrating 15 years in business in January and were the first gym in the state of New Jersey (as far as we know) to be affiliated with CrossFit and to implement kettlebell training…

In other words, we were doing this WAY before it was cool and popular.

Both the Milkman and myself are highly educated and ALWAYS consider ourselves students first and are constantly striving to learn and evolve the Training Room system.

Out goal is to make people of ALL ages and physical abilities stronger and healthier through our constantly evolving system.

We run free introductory session and offer free 2 week trials to give EVERYONE a chance to experience our system and see if it’s a fit for you.

That’s all I have for now.

Please comment below if you care to…

Peace, Love and Kettlebells

Uncle Mike