Hey guys…

I was out for a run with my four legged running partner Lola yesterday and, as usual, a few things popped into my head.


If you have ever run on the Manasquan bike path early in the morning, you know that it is very quiet, peaceful and a great place to let your mind roam.

When this happens, I find the best way to organize my thoughts are to write them down (so I did and will get to that in a minute)

As many of you know, The Training Room is coming up on 15 years of business in January….

Lately, I’ve been doing a ton of thinking about how we got so far, and what the next steps will be for us to take things to another level.

Yes, things have been great so far, but can ALWAYS be better.

The move from Point Pleasant to Manasquan was an important step for us and will play a BIG part in the next evolution of our business.

I think about this constantly,  mainly because I do not want to spend the next 10 years of my life on the sidelines at Freehold High School watching other people’s kids play sports.

Don’t get me wrong…

I DO love my job as Athletic Trainer (I’ve been a high school ATC for 24 yeas now), and find it very rewarding to contribute to society by actually helping high school kids and making a difference.


I do have children of my own, and they are getting to the age where they are participating in their own activities.

This motivates me to make myself , our team, The Training Room itself and it’s members better!

People ask all the time about the “secrets” of running a successful Training Room.


Support form other great fitness professionals is crucial!

Most of it has to do with your personality, work ethic and how you treat people in life.

Yes it IS very important to know your stuff as a coach, but I’ve seen some VERY smart coaches that know there stuff, but DO NOT know how to treat people.

Here’s my list of 6 do’s and don’ts of running your gym

  1. Get up early, and get to the gym at least 30 minutes before you have to work.
  2. Get yourself a business partner that you work well with. Have a clear understanding about what each other’s roles are. This may be difficult for some people, but I feel it’s important because it’s is difficult to run things on your own.
  3. Don’t worry about anyone else’s gym but yours. Don’t talk smack about other gyms (this will do nothing to help your business and will just create negative energy and bad karma)
  4. Get mentally prepped for the training session the day before it happens and never look disorganized in front of your members (this is why we have 8 weeks of sessions planned out and post them up the day before)
  5. Don’t walk around angry all the time and do your best to spread positive energy.
  6. Get involved with a support group or fitness mastermind to make yourself and those around you better. Constantly strive to get better!

Check out the video.

I said 5, but the list can gone on….

Drop a comment below and let me know if you have anything to add to the list.