138The Training Room and Manasquan Recreation Commission

Present to you…

The 2014 Winter Games


Kids Relay!

The Training Room will be teaming up with the Manasquan Recreation Commission to bring you the “Training Room Winter Games”

Location: The Training Room, 93 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan, NJ

Date:  January 19

Time: Registration starts at 9:30 am (to save time and paperwork, please pre-register online) the adult challenge begins at 10, the solo challenge at 11 and the kids challenge at 12.

Cost (adults): $25 per person

Cost (kids): $15 per child


Like ALL fun Training Room events…

There are a few goals in mind

  • To raise money for a great cause (in this case, Manasquan Recreation)
  • To raise awareness in the community about physical fitness and health
  • To create a competitive “TEAM” atmosphere
  • To make the long winter go a little faster
  • To give you something different to train for other then a marathon or 10 k run
  • To give you and your family something fun to look forward too

This year’s event will include an adult relay as well as a kids relay!

Categories and events will look like this:

Kids Relay (bring your own teams of 4)

Divisions and events (4 person relay)

3rd-4th grade

  • 1 mile relay (total distance)
  • 1600 meter Concept 2 row (total distance)
  • 80 squat thrusts (total reps)

5th-6th grade

  • 1.5 mile relay (total distance)
  • 2000 meter  Concept 2 row (total distance)
  • 100 squat thrusts (total reps)

7th-8th grade

  • 2 mile relay (total distance)
  • 2400 meter  Concept 2 ow (total distance)
  • 120 squat thrusts (total reps)

Adult Relay 


This will make things interesting….

Once your teams are picked, the team will decide who is doing what event.

Divisions/kettlebell weights: Since this is a fun team event, you will choose a whatever kettlebell weight you feel is appropriate for your event.

Since this a pick-out-of-the-hat event, male and female teams could be mixed.

Where appropriate you will choose a competitive weight for your kettlebell events.

  • Male guidelines (recommended kettlebell weight) : Choose between 18-24 kg’s
  • Female guidelines (recommended kettlebell weight): Choose between 12-16 kg’s

Farmer carry weights will be determined my Mike and Jim after teams are picked.

Here’s the event: Teams of 5 will complete the following in relay fashion.

Events will be run in this order…

  • 1 mile run (Manasquan Bike Path)
  • 100 kettlebell snatches
  • 100 burpees
  • 100 calories on the Concept 2 rower
  • 100 kettlebell push presses or jerks
  • The entire team finishes with a 1.5 mile farmer carry (Bike Path etc..)

Adult Relay (solo/iron division)

Here’s the event: 1 person completes ALL events solo.

  • Male division: 24 kg’s
  • Female division: 16 kg’s

Warning!: This is activity highly advanced and should only be attempted by those with many years of Training Room style training experience.

  • 1 mile run (Manasquan Bike Path)
  • 100 kettlebell snatches
  • 100 squat thrusts (no push up)
  • 100 calories on the Concept 2 rower
  • 100 kettlebell push presses or jerks
  • 1.5 mile run

Go to the Training Room Store and click on “Events” to sign up for the Kids Challenge or Adult Challenge.

Sign up here!