Give your female athlete the chance of a lifetime!

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Don’t let your female athlete miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Space is limited to 15 athletes…

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Just a few weeks ago, before she left for camp to start training for the next World Cup….

I was talking to USWNT Captain Christie Rampone about training.

As some of you know, she has been a dedicated Training Room Member for the last 6 years or so and swears that the Training Room program is what allows her to keep playing the highest level of professional soccer at age 38 even after having two children.

She informed me that, even though there are many young players on her team, she is still the fittest and fastest player.

With that, she showed me the results of all of her fitness tests.

I wasn’t surprised…

She has the best work ethic that I have ever seen, and I have been exposed to thousands of athletes of ALL levels.

So…why not give local female athletes a chance to train with the best in the World and witness next level work ethic…

If you know anything about Christie Rampone, you know that she is the most humble of players with a relentless work ethic and incredible team leadership.

A 17 year veteran of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, three time Olympic Gold Medalist and is currently Captain of the team training for her next World Cup.

She is also very caring of our youth.

Christie thought if would be a great idea to run this  Winter strength camp and expose our local athletes to what she calls her “secret weapon” training.

” I wish I had this training when I was in high school. All soccer players need this style of training”  Christie Rampone  Captain of the US Women’s National Soccer Team

Here’s some of what will be covered in this 8 week camp…

  • Joint mobility routine before each session for more efficient movement and less injury.
  • Group warm up to prepare for training session and help prevent overuse injury.
  • Teaching of proper strength training techniques and development of good training habits.
  • Teaching of proper strength training progressions for all levels to assure effective and safe training sessions.
  • The opportunity to train aside the best in the World and witness dedication and work ethic at it’s best.
  • Work on both physical and mental strength and conditioning aspects needed to dominate on the field.
  • Proper recovery techniques to assure rapid recovery, better results and less injury.
  • The experience of a lifetime.

Don’t wait too long to sign up…

Jump on it NOW!

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Christie Rampone at The Training Room, Manasquan

This will sell out!

When is this happening?

The camp will start on Monday 1/13 and will run every Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks and end on 3/5. Classes run from 7-8 PM

Where is this happening?

The Training Room, 47 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan NJ


Only 299 for 8 weeks of training (less the $19 per session)

Ages: 12-16 years old

Christie Rampone will not be at all the training sessions, she will be home for a little bit in between training camp and will come to as many sessions as she can.


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