For those of you who are familiar with our training style and and have been following us or training with us at the gym, you already understand how we use kettlebells in conjunction with body weight movements and also offer pure strength training with the bar.

If you HAVE been following us online, or physically training with us consistently, then there is no doubt you have experienced the value of this style of training and are enjoying your results.

We (The Milkman and I) have been working on a  new project for quite some time and will be releasing it within a month.

Men’s Fitness was kind enough to publish on of our challenges the other day.

This is a great example of just how versatile the kettlebell is and is one of the biggest reasons we choose the kettlebell as our number one strength and conditioning tool.

To US and probably YOU…there is really nothing like getting outdoors to a park, beach, field etc. for a simple, yet intense session with your friends and your kettlebell.

Here’s the article….

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