Hey guys!

About a month ago I was invited to teach the kettlebell portion of the CPPS certification course.

This was a great honor for me.

Not only did I teach, but also participated in this amazingly detailed certification that was developed by World famous strength and conditioning coaches James Smith and Joe DeFranco.

While at this course, I learned a great multi-step process in teaching the hip hinge for the deadlift.

Since then, I have implemented this process into new member introductions at The Training Room and find it works VERY well.

I took the progressions that Smitty and Joe taught at the CPPS and integrated them into my kettlebell swing progressions.


The kettlebell swing is an amazing posterior chain strengthener when performed properly.

Here are the fool proof steps of teaching the kettlebell swing to assure great technique and injury free results!

Each step will add one task.

  1. Stand tall and hip hinge (tell your client to push their hips back to the wall)
  2. Stand tall, hip hinge with neutral spine (use the pole as a reference). Think “single joint”
  3. Stand tall, hip hinge with neutral spine and hip snap
  4. Stand tall, hip hinge with neutral spine, hip snap and breathing….
  5. All the above then bend the knees slightly and grab the bell handle (don’t pick it up yet)
  6. All the above  and grab the bell handle with tension in the upper body, back and lats.
  7. All the above, then pick the bell up and reverse the motion on the way down
  8. Set up for the swing with bell in front, do all the above and perform a single swing letting the bell decelerate back to the start position.
  9. Perform multiple swings  and make sure to decelerate the bell to start position when done.

Refer to this video I did for my friend and strength coach Joe Hashey from Synergy Athletics.

Happy swinging!!

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