Want a fat loss and fitness plan that lasts?

We are taking the first 30 that commit to our NEW 60 day transformation.

Reserve your spot before this sells out (which it always does)!

We had over 450 lbs lost in our last challenge!

Here’s what a few past challengers have to say about our program…


“A little over thirty days ago I received an email from the Training Room about a challenge that they were offering to members and non-members that was sure to change my life for the coming month. I heard challenge and I was all in until I heard it was a diet! I will participate in any physical challenge but diet, not me especially one in which you can’t drink! I like to eat and have the occasional cocktail. I was not going to do it, that is until, my rival Mary M. said she was doing it. At that point all bets were on and my only focus became “I have to beat Mary!” Little did I know that this would be one of the hardest challenges I have done so far. It took preparation, determination, will power, all with my friends threatening to de-friend me. The results of this diet were truly amazing. I lost a ton of weight, gained strength, stamina, my skin looks awesome and my hair is growing so fast I have to move my color appointment up! I feel so wonderful that I plan on maintaining this diet but allow myself the occasional cheat. I encourage everyone to try it but really stick to the diet as you are supposed to and I guarantee you will be cursing a little along the way but the results will be so satisfying! The other suggestion I can make is do this with a friend. My friend Christine from work did the diet as well and we shared thoughts, recipes and even Whole 30 meals. It was a little overwhelming at first spending over 2 hours in the food store the first night but having someone to go through it with made it that much easier.  Thank you to the Training Room, My nemesis Mary, my good friend Christine and to my other friends – I am back and look out because I am that much stronger having completed the Whole 30 challenge!”

~Janet P~

Here’s how it works!

  • Commit to getting healthier.

  • Sign up for the challenge (this means you have committed)

  • Show up at the Training Room “Flexible Nutrition” seminar in Avon on 10/7 at 8 PM.

  • We will help you set up a custom nutrition program that can be used for life.

  • Then, come get educated at our 90 minute hands on kettlebell workshop 10/12 at 8 PM.

  • Pick any 3 days that you want to train at either the Manasquan or Avon gym.

  • Come to the optional Monday meetings for more love and support.

  • Show up consistently and we will do the rest!

Be warned…

This is NOT a weight loss contest where you starve yourself in order to win, and then go back to your old ways!

We are only looking for people who actually want to change their lives permanently!

A $500 cash prize will be given to the person who loses the most percentage of body fat%!

Here’s what you get!

  • A ninety minute hands on group introduction to the Training Room System ($60 value)

  • Sixty days of training 3 days a week ($300 value)

  • Private facebook page for support and discussion about training and nutrition.

  • Initial body fat analysis and weight done at our first meeting ($40 value)

  • Personal goal tracking system to help hold you accountable.

  • Weekly support meetings at the gym on every Monday night at 7:30 to discuss anything from nutrition to training.

  • Before and after pics (optional if you want to take your own)

  • Cash prize or $500 to the winner

  • A re-test after the sixty days to celebrate our health.

  • The opportunity to continue to train with us for life!

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“Stacy and I had a great 30 day challenge experience both in the gym and in the kitchen. Between us we lost 22 lbs! Stacey 12 and me 10 and physically we feel great!  We have re-signed up for another 90 days a The Training room and look forward to all of it.  Thanks for the start on this journey of feeling great!”

“Nita and I also are very happy with the results and will stay with the program. Thanks for sponsoring this Mike, Jim, and Mike. I’m sure it has changed many other people’s lives as it did with Nita and I.”

“I joined the 30 day challenge program not only looking to lose a few pounds but more importantly to learn how to eat better. I wasn’t looking for a diet but more of a lifestyle change for the future. The Training Room exceeded my expectations. I lost over 14 lbs. and 8% of my beginning body weight and I never once had to count a calorie. 

A big thanks to all the great staff at the Training Room.”