For those of you looking to break a little sweat today and maybe burn off some holiday cheer…

Give this one a try!

As you can see by the video, the Milkman and I shot this a while ago, but I decided to just publish it today.

I was thinking that some of you may be looking for some physical activity since The Training Room is closed in both Manasquan and Avon locations until Saturday.

We have a ton more of these unpublished home workouts that I will be posting on my YouTube Channel.

Watch the video and check below for the workout with some variations.

Ladder down from 10-1 on these body weight movements.

Here’s the list with some subs if needed.

  • Bear crawls (5 yards forward/5 yards backward)
  • Pull ups or body weight rows
  • Crab toe touch or bicycles
  • Deck squat, drop squat, surfer squat jump
  • Sit through or mountain climber

Do this and let us know how it went!

Stay tuned for more home workouts from us and check my YouTube Channel for updates.

Drop a comment below for any questions, options , to just say hello or show some love!

As always, we are dedicated to the success of our members!