Hey all!

We hope that you’ve had a great Training Room experience thus far…

Monday 4/20 started the Training Room 30 day challenge.

Congrats to all of you who are participating!

If you’ve take full advantage of ALL the resources we are offering, then you are probably see some significant results.

We will do weekly meetings and weigh-ins every Monday…

The ticker below will count all of the pounds lost from the group.

As part of our Training Room family, you are not only getting our 30 years of experience in training, you also have complete access to us through email, our private facebook page, and the Monday night meetings.

This Monday, 4/27 at 8 PM will feature Pat from Fins Tropicali Grill

We pride ourselves as leaders in the industry and ALWAYS want to make sure you are getting the most out of what we offer.

If you are a full time member of The Training Room, then you already understand this.

All of you participating in the 30 day challenge will have the opportunity to join us full time!

Like I say in all my emails, we are completely dedicated to your success!

Make sure to check the Training Room facebook page for the daily workouts posted to see what we have in store for you (if you want)

We feel that video is a great way to relay the workouts and fitness tips to you so you know what ALL your options are for each session and know what to expect.

There are also a bunch of training tips on the facebook page and youtube channel.

Watch the videos below, and please leave a comment to let us know you where here!

If you want more, check out my youtube channel here!

Have a great week!