This is how we roll…

Learn proper foam rolling techniques that will make you better!

Free foam rolling and mobility seminar for members and non-members

If you train or workout in any capacity, then you have probably experienced a few aches and pains that may have sidelined you.

Believe it or not, MANY of the aches, pains or injuries that occur in the gym can be prevented!

On Thursday, April 7 at 7:30 PM at The Training Room in Sea Bright I will be conducting a foam rolling and mobility seminar to teach you exactly how YOU should roll!


Foam rolling alone is NOT enough!

Here’s what will be covered..

  • The teaching of full body self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques using the foam roller and various other tools.

  • Explanation and teaching of crucial mobility movements that should follow every SMR session.

  • Why you shouldn’t JUST roll, and why you need to use muscle activation as part of your warm up.

  • The proper and SIMPLE use of bands for mobility and muscle activation.

  • A simple “at home” mobility program that can be done every day in the comfort of your home or gym.

Who should attend this?

  • All Training Room members or non-members who want to learn something that will benefit them,

  • Anyone who works out or trains.
  • Any Coaches or Personal Trainers who want to add some new techniques to help their members get better.
  • Any active individual who wants to get better.
  • Any active individual who wants to get better.
  • Any Athlete who wants to add some new material to make them better.
    Like I said before…this seminar is open to ALL current Training Room m

Like I said before…this seminar is FREE and open to ANYONE who wants to learn!

The address of the Sea Bright gym is 1006 Ocean Avenue.