Welcome to Training Room Sea Bright!

It was great meeting and working with all of you and we are very excited to be bringing The Training Room program to this great part of the Jersey Shore!

As you may know already, The Training Room has been bringing it’s unique brand of group strength and conditioning to the Jersey Shore since 1999.

Being part of The Training Room family does has it’s advantages and we want you to get the most out of your time with us.

We realize that we threw a lot of info at you at the group intro so we wanted to explain more about our program and give you a few resources to check out.

Remember, if you are still not completely comfortable with ALL of the movements you learned in the intro, no worries!

We will continue to practice and perfect these movements as part of our warm up during class time.

Our program is designed for ALL levels of ability and there is NO need for you to feel intimidated.

What to expect when you come in

Here are some things you need to know when you come in for your first class.

  • For our planning purposes and so we can provide you with better service, please sign up for the classes you are attending by going to the Oar Fit link here.

  • Bring water to class

  • We start each class with a group joint mobility session to ease into the workout.

  • We all warm uo together focusing on movement and technique.

  • The workout will be explained to you with beginner and advanced movement options.

  • Make sure to communicate with your coach and let them know if you are having any issues such as pain on any particular movement.

  • ALL classes are 1 hour from start to finish and we will finish with a stretch at the end of class.

Training Room Resources

Listed below are some Training Room resource links that will help guide you on your journey to better health and fitness.

The Training Room is MUCM more then a gym, we are a family!

Member Incentives and Bonuses

As a valuable member of The Training Room, we offer you great incentives for choosing us or referring quality people.

  • Discounted packages if you sign up with us after your 2 week trial.

  • Family discounts off of unlimited group training packages.

  • Earn $50 for each new member you refer to us.

  • Earn $20 per month as part of the Horizon B Fit program for checking in 12 times each month.

  • Be a part of our nutrition and fitness challenges at a HUGE discounted price.

  • Join us at our 16th annual Holiday Party 0n 12/12 at 6 PM at the Avon Marina (2 Main St in Avon).

Founding Member Prices

The first 25 members that sign up with us will get a “founders” discount of 10% off of any of our unlimited group training packages.

We are looking for ALL of our members to commit to being consistent and getting better.

All you will need to do is show up, and we will do the rest!

Here’s what it will look like:

  • 1 year commitment: 122 per month with founders discount.

  • 3 month commitement: 130 per month with founders discount.

  • month to month: 140 per month with founders discount.

Remember, you MUST check in before each class here so we know if you are coming!

Go here to do that!