About The Training Room

Passion is what drives us!

The Training Room was established in 1999 as a small 800 squat foot personal training studio in downtown Belmar, NJ.

We have since evolved into two facilities of over 2,000 square feet each and offer the most progressive and results driven training in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

The following is a brief story of how we came about.

First, a Little History

Jim “The Milkman” Milkowski and Mike “Uncle Mike” Stehle met through life guarding on the beach and working in a large commercial gym.  After 5 years, they had enough of the big fitness club scene.  They felt that they just couldn’t express the true “Milkman” and “Uncle Mike”.

They Packed up Uncle Mike’s pick up truck with 2,000 lbs of weight they purchased for 5 cents a pound.  They bought some used  gym equipment and rubber mats from a gym going out of business and off they went to start they’re fitness revolution!

Both the Milkman and Uncle Mike had fitness experience going back to pre-college days and had both worked in the industry since they were 18 years old.  The Milkman graduated Springfield College with a degree in Exercise Science and Uncle Mike was a Phys Ed guy with a Sports Medicine and Athletic Training degree from Kean University.

We won’t list all the fitness certifications and degrees they have because that would be boring.

Well…here are just a few of the certs we hold

  • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) 1990
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (1992)
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge: RKC I 2003
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge: RKC 2 2005
  • CrossFit Level 1 2005
  • Certified Natural Trainer (CNT) 2007
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) 2008
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT 2) 2009

The Evolution Begins!

The Training Room was born in 1999 in a small storefront on Main St. in Belmar, NJ.

Belmar! Home of the D’Jai’s fist pump, The Belmartians,  and E- Street (From Bruce Springsteen’s Band).

Kettlebells came on the scene in 2001!  Then the freak show began.

It took three years to grow out of this studio and move into their current home, Avon-by-the-sea.

The new home was a little bit bigger with room to expand.  There were two other store fronts attached.  The big seller was the now current “court yard of crush” for outdoor training.  Nothing like training outdoors!  Can’t you just smell the fresh salt air?

Here’s a birds eye view of the facility.  Notice all the landmarks labeled?

As our training evolved, business grew and walls came down!  Busting at the seems, in need of more space, some negotiations had to be made(We’ll leave it at that).

That’s enough history.

Maximum Results, Minimal Time/Equipment

Since 1999 we have been developing, and continue to develop our own integrated system of fitness that uses minimal equipment and yields incredible results in minimal time.  Our training system can be implemented in ANY setting such as gym, home, or while on vacation.

We have seen such amazing results from our own members here in Avon, NJ that it would not be fare to keep our training secrets from the rest of the world!

Passion + Atmosphere+ Hard Work=Results

Our secret is in our passion for what we do!  In fact, we enjoy what we do so much it’s ridiculous (in a good way).  This ridiculous amount of passion and enjoyment is reflected in our teaching, our programs, and is passed on to our members.  All this positive energy creates an amazing atmosphere and a “unique culture” where everyone feeds off of each others positive energy.  You WILL NOT find this type of culture at a large commercial gym.

Of coarse, hard work and consistency are huge factors.  Our programs are very challenging and may not be for everyone.  You must be willing to put the time and energy if you want the results.

Our  Goal

Our goal for “Training Room Online” is to take this love and passion we have for fitness and share it with the world.  We’re sure that we can create this same atmosphere with our online community as we do for our physical community and yield world class results.

Is Our System for You?

This system is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, trainers or coaches who are looking for the ultimate fitness blue print that they can plug into their gym or training studio.

Our integrated fitness training system is designed to increase overall strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flexibility and mobility while building lean muscle and kicking up the body’s metabolism.

Although we practice this system in a well stocked gym with an arsenal of training tools, we will make modifications here in our online training studio to accommodate just about everyone’s needs.

We will take you through our teaching progressions using everything in our training arsenal including kettlebells, body weight movements, medicine balls, sand bags, ropes, dumbbells, barbells and more.  You will find detailed instruction video on every movement that is performed in our daily workouts with a video description of each workout.

Visit our extensive (and still growing) video library with over 150 detailed instructional videos explanations of every exercise performed in our studio. Please feel free to ask your questions and leave comments and suggestions for us.  We LOVE what we do and are more than happy to answer questions.

Communication and feedback will create more atmosphere.  It’s all about the atmosphere!

Each day we will post our workouts here on the online studio.  We will give you a video explanation of each workout with progression options for beginner to advanced. This is also the workout that we will be doing with our members here in Avon, NJ.

Be prepared to work hard, but also be prepared for results!

If you are performing 3-4 or these workouts weekly, you will soon see what ALL the fuss is about here at the Jersey Shore!

Come play in our house and reap the benefits !

We have two great facilities…

406 Main St, Avon by the sea, NJ (732)988-1555


93 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan,NJ (721) 501-3889


The Training Room • 406 Main St. • Avon By The Sea, NJ • (732) 988-1555