Kettlebell Training

As you know already, kettlebells are a fun and effective strength and conditioning tool.  And, just like any training modality, there is a need for proper teaching progression.

Since kettlebells are one of our training staples, the need for basic skill development is crucial.  In order to train and safely and effectively, a strong foundation of the basic kettlebell skills is necessary.

In our video library, we will break down each kettlebell movement in order of progression as we teach in our physical studio.  We will teach you how to perform each movement safely and effectively so you can get the most out of our program.

We will start with the very basic foundational movements and will work up to more advanced options.

The Milkman and I have been training with kettlebells since 2002.  As far as we know, we are New Jersey’s Original Kettlebell Gym!

We have trained and learned from some of the best in the industry and will keep doing so.  Even great trainers need mentors and coaches.

We have adopted our own style of teaching and training as we have evolved.

We ALWAYS be students and will continue to LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE as teachers!

Here’s one example of an efficient and affective kettlebell and body weight workout that can be adapted to just about anyone’s ability.

Video of the week: Single or Double Kettlebell, One Leg Dead Lift

This is such a great movement that we sometimes overlook.  The single leg dead lift is a fantastic posterior chain strengthening movement.

The balance component of this movement also will strengthen the proprioceptors of the knee and ankle.

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