Professional Testimonials

Here’s what some of the top fitness pros in the industry have been saying about our program.

Mike and Jim, I have to tell you how impressed I am with the Training Room. You guys have a real talent for training people and I was really surprised at how technically proficient your clients were when I was there for the kettlebell workshop. It’s obvious you both have a passion for helping people. I’ll definitely be there training with you guys when I come to the Jersey shores again. It is the place to train.

Steve Cotter, of FullKontact Kettlebells, Creator of “The Encyclopedia of Kettlebells” and the IKFF

Mike Stehle and Jim Milkowski are the Masters at creating kick ass workouts that produce results FAST as well as Masters at growing a fitness business. I met Mike and Jim 7 years ago and they were the first place in the area to be holding Kettlebell classes, seminars and group classes. They were ahead of the curve back then and they are still at the forefront of Fitness, ALWAYS innovating and NEVER following!

Zach Even – Esh

Mike Stehle and Jim Milkowski are my go-to guys when I’m looking for super-effective, time-efficient and innovative training solutions. Mike and Jim have never failed to impress me with their creative programming and their results simply speak for themselves. Honestly, just visit Mike and Jim on any morning of the week and witness crowds of his raving fans smiling while swingin some kettlebells and firehose.Mike and Jim keep them coming back for more…not because of their charming good looks but because their training is fun and effective. If you ever have the opportunity to training with Mike and Jim I say ‘Jump on it.

Jason C. Brown and Co- founder of Kettlebell Athletics

Mike Stehle provided me with my primary introduction to kettlebell and body weight training in December of 2006.  Intitially, I was a cynic to his high repetition/high intensity philosophy.  After all, I was a competitive weight lifter; jumping pullups? Sandbag burpees? Swings with a 53 pound metal ball? Mere child’s play for my abilities.

I completed about one half of the first workout before I quit and realized that a drastic change of training philosophy was needed.  I was turning 40 in 2007 and could not believe my poor condition.  Tracking Mike and the Milkman on became my first priority every morning.  I began bombarding Mike with questions.  I bombarded him with emails.  Mike was very cordial, answered my questions thoroughly, and became a mentor in my setting up our kettlebell gym in Montgomery, Alabama.

Today there is no kettlebell gym in Montgomery.  We have accelerated our business to operate as corporate wellness, exercise, and nutritional consultants.  The kettlebell is the centerpiece of the physical activity portion of our programs.  We owe a great deal of our success to Mike for his attention to our needs when I had no idea what I was doing.

Mark Lehmkuhl MS,CSCS,RKC

Here’s what some pro athletes have to say!

“The Training Room provides the missing link to my training as a professional ahtlete. These workouts transfer to any sport or activity at ANY level. This program works perfectly for me as an Olympic Athlete and prepares me both mentally and physically for international, world class soccer.”

Christie Rampone

Captain, USA Womens Soccer and Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist

“Training at The Training Room is different than anything I have ever done.  I love how the workouts are unique every time.  I am noticing real improvement in my strength and building a good foundation for cardio.  Mike and Jim have helped me modify exercises to help my shoulders progress and get complete training sessions.  It is awesome how they guide me through every exercise and make sure my form is solid.  Spending time at The Training Room will give me a perfect foundation for my pre-season in professional soccer next month.  Anyone who attends these classes will appreciate the intensity and passion Mike and Jim possess.  And they have a common sense approach when it comes to injuries and training.  You will love working with them!

Natasha Kai is a 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist with the US Women’s Soccer Team and the leading scorer for Skyblue FC, 2009 WPS Champions!
Tash had double shoulder surgery following the season and started working out at The Training Room two months ago.  Her good friend and Captain of Skyblue FC and the US Women’s Soccer Team, Christie Rampone, recommended that she work closely with Mike and Jim to prepare for the 2010 season.
“Since joining the Training Room and making Mike and Jim my primary Strength and Conditioning Coaches, I have experienced substantial gains in my strength, cardiovascular output and performance.  Mike and Jim have completely changed the way I prepare for my MMA fights.  They have put me through the most rigorous workouts that has me bigger, stronger, and faster then all my opponents inside the octagon. Their workouts are second to none and I would recommend the Training Room for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness.”
Ryan Vaccaro
Professional MMA Fighter

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