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Kettlebell and Body Weight Basics Workshop

I’ve been getting a ton of emails asking when the next intro class is.

It just so happens that I do not have a football game on Saturday, October 8th.


What better way to spend the afternoon then teaching what I love to a group of motivated individuals.

Weather you’re looking start training with us, or just want […]

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New Class times in the PM Hours (feedback please)

Hey guys

We’re looking to make the evening classes moreĀ consistent.

This is what we’re looking at:

Monday through Thursday


Friday will stay the same with class from 5-6

What do you think about this schedule?

Please drop a comment below!

Come out and be stupid with us!! Avon 5k Kettlebell Farmer Walk Time!

Who wants to do this again?

Date: 6/5/11
What?: Teams of 4-6 people carrying kettlebells for a distance of 5k
Why?: Because we want to and we can!

Last year was a blast, plus we pissed off some of the running geeks from the Jersey Shore Running Club.

They said we were “stupid, stupid people for running with kettle […]

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Free Strength Seminar Review (video included)

Thanks to all that came out for the free strength seminar!

It was a complete success.

I won’t go into complete detail.

Those of you who showed up know how much great info you took away from this.

A HUGE thank you to the following people who contributed and helped us out!

Chris Reed who came all the way down […]

What music do you like when you train? (feedback please)

The Candy Man and I were talking about music today (as we always do) and came to the conclusion that certain types of music (genres) are appropriate for certain training sessions.

For example, we like old school punk rock when we do our high rep kettlebell snatch workouts.

I know Marine Mike digs his old school hip […]

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My Last few days of training and a fun Prowler Challenge!

So the last few days of training looked like this.

Sunday: Mountain biking with Boxing Mike and Chris R.

Monday: Kettlebell clean/press and weighted pull up ladders 3(1,2,3)

I used a 24kg for the first round of presses and pull ups
I used a 28 kg for my second ladder
I used a 32 kg for my third ladder

I finished […]

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If you like foam rolling, you’ll like this homemade device

I’ve been using the foam roller for many years and have used it for personal training clients with great success.

For some reason, we never incorporated it into our group setting.

So we’ve officially added a foam roller protocol into our group classes, and it seems to be a hit with most of our members.

Many trainers/clients also […]

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What new class times would you like to see? (Survey)

If you haven’t noticed, The Training Room hasĀ  been experiencing a large influx in new members lately.

In order for us to maintain high standards of training, Jim and I feel that we may need to add a few more class times to the schedule.

I’m sure that you will agree with us on this.

With that said, […]

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My Zach Even Esh inspired strength session (video included)!

I was inspired by my pal Zach Even Esh.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As Zack would say, “Crank some heavy shizzz!!”

BTW Zach, I expect you to comment on this post!!

The big metal block we have weighs around 280 we think.

I’ve seen my friend Zack dead lift this with one hand.

I cannot do […]

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Uncle Mike’s kettlebell snatch challenge (video)

Give this fun challenge a try.

Advanced Men should use a 24kg bell and advanced women a 16g.

Other wise, use what you can and have fun with this.

Remember to lock out each snatch over your head and do solid push ups.

If you’re not good on the jump rope, now’s a good time to practice.

See if […]

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