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10 Dangerous Kettlebell Mistakes!

A few months ago, Men’s Fitness asked me to write an article about what I think are the 10 biggest mistakes seen with kettlebell training.

With the increase population in CrossFit style or so called “functional training” including the use of kettlebells, it is common to see “trainers” or fitness enthusiasts trying to teach, or implement […]

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Stems of Steel!

If you’re comfortable with your usual leg routine, you could be missing out on some big-time gains, whether it be in strength or endurance. When you’re looking for something other than the traditional squat, leg press and lunges, it’s time to hit the kettlebells.

Try this fun kettlebell lower body workout for stems of steel..

Go here […]

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Double Kettlebell Shoulder Blaster!

Here’s a nice kettlbell shoulder blaster that will make for super strong shoulders…

This workout focuses on the shoulder complex, but will hit the rest of the body as well.

Any time there is overhead pressing involved, the entire body is involved!

Go to the full article at Men’s Fitness to see this entire workout.

Here’s a cool press […]

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Double Kettlebell Brute Strength Couplets

Here’s a great double kettlebell strength workout that only takes two kettlebells and a pull up bar…

Double kettlebell workouts like this will make you super strong while packing on the muscle at the same time.

Go here to see the full article in Men’s Fitness…

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20 Minute Bell and Bar Challenge

Here’s a fun 20 minute challenge that only takes one kettlebell, a bar and your own body weight…

Go here to see the full article posted in Men’s Fitness.

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