Lost over 100 lbs!

Joining the Training Room was a birthday gift I had given myself a few years ago, and it continues to be the “gift that keeps on giving”.   Thanks to the strength and condition training program that Jim and Mike developed, I’ve lost over 100 lbs, was able to stop taking medication for blood pressure […]

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Amanda Scheer

When I first started at the TR, I was 18 & all I did was run. I was weak and often injured. I could hardly squat to 45 degrees without additional weight – which I am often reminded when Mike or Jim see me squatting more efficiently today. After years of learning correct lifting techniques […]

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Maureen Murray

The training room has completely changed my life physically and mentally. Because of the Training Room I love to work out! I’ve never been stronger and in better shape. Participating in the training room classes is like getting personal training. Each day is a new workout that pushes me much harder than I would ever […]

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Chuck Polhemus

This is not your ordinary gym. All the staff at The Training Room are highly skilled people who are there to help you learn how to properly do the exercises in the workout of the day. They will also Tailor the workout to your skill level from beginner to veterans. To sum it up this […]

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Jeff Seymour

I started at the Training Room in November after a free intro. The intro was friendly, fun, informative and intense enough to give me a taste of the workouts. Having finished a 100 mile run in 26 hours the year before, I liked to think I was in decent shape. The truth was that I […]

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When I joined the training room, I knew i was in for a challenge. With meticulous commitment to ensuring proper form and technique, Mike & Jim help all their members achieve their personal best. There is no doubt that the training room approach is effective in building strength and improving overall health. There’s never a […]

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Gary Wronowski

The TR has had a significant impact on my lifestyle. Besides feeling healthier overall (mentally and physically), regular workouts have made it possible for me to more intensely pursue the sporting activities I love (surfing specifically). I spend more time in the water catching more waves. This in turn has vastly improved my surfing and […]

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Judy Young

The Training Room has had a very positive effect on my life both physically and mentally I’ve been able to strengthen my core, lose weight, transform my body and gain mental strength, as I apply discipline to the (expertly designed) workouts. I think one of the best things about The Training Room is the spirit. […]

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Tivona Eidelheit, PharmD

Workouts at The Training Room are fun and challenging. I get a better workout with Mike in 30 minutes than the one hour sessions I used to pay for with the last four trainers I used at my former gyms. I leave every session feeling confident and strong. You would have to be a fool […]

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Helene Wolson

The training room has helped me reach a level of fitness that makes me feel strong, lean, and healthy. The people that exercise at the TR have been super friendly, supportive, motivated, and inspirational. Have made some great friends too!

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