Today’s Ride!

Jan 13, 2013 | The Milkman's Blog | 0 Comments
Awesome mt. bike ride this morning with Mike P. and Jaime D. Got it about 10 strong miles in muddy conditions.  I plan on doing the x-terra race series this summer so now is the time to start building the  base. I am working on some killer workouts for this weeks group training and look forward to seeing everyone for Tuesday nights primal open ... Read More

Primal Challenge Lecture Recap!

Jan 12, 2013 | The Milkman's Blog | 5 Comments
Thank you to all for coming  today to the nutrition lecture. I am not happy with the way it turned out and I feel personally responsible for that. The Training Room should have laid out more information on what was going to be discussed. Tom B. offered his services for free and went over the basics of nutrient timing and general nutrition ... Read More

Run, swing, burpee, madness!

Oct 08, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 1 Comment
Today’s workout was a monster. The run, swing, burpee challenge is one of my favorites.  I did this workout 1 month ago as I was just getting back to normal training and had a time of 19:30. Today after a solid month of  Training room workouts I was able to complete the workout in 18:13.  The Training Room program works! Don’t ... Read More

Killer crew in Pt. this morning!

Oct 04, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 0 Comments
The 6:00am and 8:45am crew kicked some ass this morning.  The 60/30 cardio circuit is extremely tough and the am crews killed it. After they all got there talking out during the warm-up,  its was all business for the  next 30min.  We had some training room all-stars in attendance today, starting with the Anti-Mike, Jumbo Rig, D2 n D4, ... Read More

The Blog is Back!

Sep 20, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 0 Comments
Its been way to long since my last blog. I am finally getting back to normal after seven months of  Ironman training. It feels good to have accomplished my goal but I am very happy to get back to my normal life.  Over the past three weeks I have gradually started getting back to my Training Room workouts, and I have been sore as hell!  I was ... Read More

Looking for riders

Jun 12, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 0 Comments
This Friday we will be doing 2 45 mile bike rides followed by 2 4 mile runs. A double brick workout. Anyone interested in joining us on one or both of the rides is welcome. We will be leaving the Training Room in Avon at 11:00 sharp! Avg pace will be around 18mph. ... Read More

Warrior Challenge WO#1

May 30, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 0 Comments
Tomorrow we will be having our first Warrior Challenge workout. The Warrior Challenge is only 6weeks away so its time to start putting in some specific training for the event. Tomorrows workout wont be an exact replica of the Warrior Challenge , but its something you wont want to miss! If you have a weighted vest please bring it with you to ... Read More

Milkman’s Marathon Recap!

May 06, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 1 Comment
I couldn’t have asked for better conditions for today’s NJ marathon.  At the start it was about 50 degrees and cloudy and stayed cloudy and cool for the remainder of the race.  All my training up to this point had gone according to plan so I was hoping the race was going to be the same.  My goal time was 3:15 and I was able to ... Read More

Milkman’s 2 week update

Apr 29, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 1 Comment
Its been 2 weeks since my last blog.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the past 2 weeks wo’s. Tomorrow will will start our 7th week of our 8 week cycle with a great all body weight WO.  Please remember to chart your #s. Its the only way to make sure you keep progressing. My training has been going really well.  I have been able to complete all ... Read More

Milkmans week in review!

Apr 16, 2012 | The Milkman's Blog | 2 Comments
I hope everyone had a good week while I was away.  My vacation was awesome, the weather was great and the company even better.  Although I was on vacation I still had to put in some major training, since I am only 4 months out from the Ironman and 3 weeks out from the Jersey Shore marathon.  Here is my week in review. Sunday 2o mile run: ... Read More

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