Sample Body Weight Conditioning Class

Feb 12, 2011 | Sample our Training | 2 Comments
Here’s a typical body weight conditioning class as set up by The Milkman. You can still get an incredible workout with very little to no equipment. Our classes our extremely organized for large or small groups! The workouts are set up so people of all levels of fitness and ability can participate. Watch the ... Read More

Here’s and example of one of our group kettlebell sessions.

Feb 08, 2011 | Sample our Training | 3 Comments
Here’s typical group kettlebell strength and conditioning workout. Any of the movements you see in this workout can be modified to fit anyone’s level of  ability. As you can see in the video, we have a mixture of all types of training levels. Everyone who trains at our facility will get pushed to the next level and WILL GET ... Read More

Free Sample Workouts

Jan 04, 2011 | Sample our Training | 1 Comment
Here are just a few examples or our training. I will be posting sample workouts here periodically to give you an idea of what goes on here at The Training Room. As you will see, most of our training revolves around, but is not limited to kettlebells and body weight. We use other simple modalities create extremely time efficient and effective ... Read More

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