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Integrated Kettlebell Training Certification For Fitness Professionals

With a combined 40 years in the Health, Fitness, and Sports Medicine industry, it’s time to pass on our knowledge to you!

The Training Room has been evolving and changing lives since 1999. We have decided to share our integrated training system with other motivated and passionate fitness pros, just like you.

If you are like Jim and Mike and look forward to the ringing of the alarm clock at 5 am, chomping at the bit to get to the gym by 6 am to unleash your next masterpiece on an eager group of clients that you have molded into passionate fitness freaks, then you’ll want to read every word on this page…

Get Certified

Mike Stehle Jim Milkowski Paul Reddick Jim “Smitty” Smith Vince Gabriel

Let us hand you our proven blueprint for a fun, thriving, hassle free gym with clients you love!

Answer these simple questions!

  • Are you passionate about your career as a fitness professional and would like to take it to another level?
  • Are you a bit confused about which kettlebell or fitness certification you should pursue? We don’t blame you they all look the same and how are you to know which one is right for you?
  • Are you bored or stuck in a fitness training rut, wondering what you will need to do to get out of it? Day in and day out we work with clients from all walks of life all with different goals. Odds are we’ve helped someone in same situation you’re in.
  • Do you want to create your own fitness empire and not sure how to? Why not follow our proven blueprint to run a fun, hassle free gym that will have you jump out of bed every morning fired up to train your clients.
  • Would you like to start up your own training business but don’t want to spend a ton of cash to do so? We were there once too! Get a crash course in starting from scratch with out breaking the bank. We can save you from making all the mistakes we made.
  • Are you wondering how to create an atmosphere that will keep clients coming back and sending their friends and family members to you? Our clients ARE our family. We love them and they love us. We’ll show you exactly how we created the Training Room family.
  • Are you confused about fitness/kettlebell program design and wondering what will work best for a diverse clientele base? You must get this right. In order to run a complete business you have to train a wide range of clients. The fundamentals of program design are MANDATORY.
  • Are you intrigued by kettlebell training, but are looking for other modalities to incorporate with it? Almost every major fitness magazine has praised Kettlebell training as the wave of the future. If it’s not part of your training now…it should be. You don’t want to behind your competitors.
  • Are you looking for a fitness system that can be used in any setting with minimal equipment,cost and time that guarantees results? This is the only way. I cringe thinking of all that useless equipment big gyms buy. It’s nuts. Save your cash and stick to the fundamentals of fitness.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, and…

If you are as passionate about your profession as we are and are looking for a fitness blueprint that can be plugged into your existing or future fitness business, then our Training Room Certification/Mentorship is for you.

Here’s what some fitness professionals are saying!

“I’ve been following the Training Room since 2007 and since then I started my love affair with kettlebell and body weight training. I used to have to pack my kettlebells in and out of the local gym where I used to train. In a sea of treadmills, elipiticals, and weight machines there I was in a lonely corner of the gym getting my beat downs in…whatever workout was posted that day I was ripping them out in the gym.

After a couple weeks people began to take notice and would ask me questions about what I was doing. After a year or so of ripping out the kettlebell workouts in the local “globo-gym” I was approached by a lady who was opening up a new gym in town…she didn’t know exactly what I was doing..but she did know she wanted it at her gym.

In January of 2010 I began instructing kettlebell classes at the new gym. I primarily used Jim and Mike’s template and after a couple months classes grew from 3-5 regulars to 10-15 regulars in a very small space. By the summer we got so big…it allowed me to open up the doors to my own gym, Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club – PSKC in September of 2010.

Since PSKC has opened up we continue to attract new members each month and now have a daily average of 20 people attending our group classes. We’ve even had as many as 40 people rocking the warehouse at once! And that’s all without spending a single dime on advertising….all word of mouth.

The revenue from the gym allowed me to make the trip with my wife to spend the weekend at the Training Room certification. Mike and Jim were exactly as they portray themselves on the website…fun, kick ass, great attitude guys who know exactly what the hell they’re talking about. It’s one thing to follow them on the website, it’s a whole other thing to talk to them in person, train and learn from them, and be able to bounce questions off of them. Jim and Mike are proof positive that good things happen to good people.

What other certification can you attend that covers all aspects of teaching and learning the kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, nutrition, and business aspects? There is no better gym to follow and no better “business” template….myself and PSKC is living proof of that.

thanks brother…I owe you guys a lot. You’re a big reason for my success..

Dale King
Owner, Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club

“Hi Uncle Mike and Milkman,

Beyond an awesome kettlebell cert. I can’t tell you both what a great learning experience I had. Meeting you guys for the first time and walking away as though I’ve known you a very long time. You make everyone comfortable and confident. The progression breakdown was huge and your delivery was right on. You are a GREAT team and I can’t wait to get back to the trainingroom to workout or take another course. Thank you very much for the inspiring weekend!!!!!!!!”


Here’s BJJ Black Belt and Instructor Jason Scully talking about our course.


Here’s what you will walk away with in one fun filled weekend!

  • The ability to perform and teach basic to intermediate kettlebell movements progressions safely and effectively.
  • The ability to perform and teach basic to intermediate body weight movements and progressions safely and effectively.
  • The ability to modify all movements to adapt to everyone’s level.
  • The ability to integrate multiple training modalities with kettlebells into a safe and effective training program.
  • The ability to design and implement strength, conditioning, and strength/endurance workouts that produce guaranteed amazing results and keep your clients coming back for more.
  • The knowledge to design time efficient programs using minimal equipment.
  • The knowledge to run an organized and effective training session designed to accommodate large groups of people.
  • The knowledge to modify movements for people dealing with injury or related issues.
  • The knowledge on how you can create amazing atmosphere in your facility or business that will attract raving fans.
  • Your own copy of The Training Room Teaching Manual including our list of extensive teaching progressions.
  • Complete access to Mike and The Milkman’s knowledge through email.
  • Free LIFETIME access to “Training Room Online and all of our workouts at your disposal.
  • The unique distinction of being part of The Training Room Family and online community!
  • Continuous support from our passionate community of fitness pros that will help keep you on your game!
  • The opportunity to ask as many training or business questions as you like.
  • The famous Training Room T-shirt

Here’s Matt Kull from Virginia talking about our Certification weekend

Here’s New York Chiropractor, Vice Lujan talking about our Certification.

Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16

The Training Room 406 Main Street Avon by the sea, NJ

Saturday 9-5

Sunday 9-3 or until all questions are answered.

On Sunday we will focus a great deal on intensive discussion on program design, business systems and marketing.

We have some of the best coaches in the industry coming in to answer all of your questions!

Bring food to snack on….

We will be taking minimal breaks as we have too much information to cover.

We will also follow tradition by having our usual “optional” dinner and chill out dinner that night!

Next Level All Star Guest Speakers

Paul Reddick

Business Q&A

Paul Reddick spent 14 years in professional baseball as a coach and scout. During that time he served at Community Outreach Director for The Yogi Berra Museum and started Reddick Sports which digitally publishes training programs in 9 different sports. The baseball division of Reddick Sports is the largest publisher of baseball training programs in the world.

His signature product the 90mph Club has been used by more pitchers than any other program of its kind. He’s also written several books including the best sellers The Picture Perfect Pitcher and Mike Epstein on Hitting. Reddick also served as a State Delegate for USA Baseball.

Paul is also a well known speaker having addressed over 100,000 students.
In 2003, Paul’s name was added to The Wall Of Tolerance by Rosa Parks
and in 2011 he was presented The Larry Doby Award by Mayor Corey Booker for outstanding service to the youth of Newark. The fitness community best knows Paul from his GFGI seminar. This annual event has produced some of the sports and fitness industry’s most successful leaders. Paul is also a sought after coach and consultant for sports and fitness professional starting their online businesses.



Jim “Smitty” Smith

Strength Coach, Author,

Jim is a highly respected performance enhancement specialist, author, lecturer and consultant for Diesel Strength and Conditioning. He has written for numerous national magazines including Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health and is a featured writer for Jim has published several best-selling manuals and DVD’s in the areas of athletic performance, muscle building and strength training that have been purchased by athletes, coaches and fitness professionals all over the world.




Vince Gabriele

Strength Coach, MS,RKC, PICP

Vince Gabriele is the owner of Gabriele Fitness & Performance, a 6,000 square foot training facility in Berkeley Heights, NJ. They are the go to facility in their area for training Middle School and High School athletes.

Vince and his team run business mentorships from their facility teaching trainers from around the country how to run their businesses more efficiently.

He is a regular speaker for many local colleges and business seminars on various subjects including how to open your own facility, building a team, creating rock solid relationships.

From 2003 to 2007, Vince was the the Director of Football Development at Fitness Quest 10, a nationally-recognized sports performance facility and personal training center in San Diego.

Vince played football at Temple University from 1998-2001 and then graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration in 2003. He received a masters degree in exercise science from California University of PA in 2007.





Get Certified

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