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What is GOATA Movement?

Hey Training Friends!

I wanted to share some information with you about GOATA Movement and how it can help YOU and your friends and family MOVE better & FEEL better!

Why do I Love GOATA?

GOATA Movement has truly changed the way I move each day and it helped to eliminate some stubborn chronic back and knee pain.

I didn’t know WHY I was always in so much pain, but GOATA Movement helped me realized I just wasn’t moving in a way to keep my body safe from injuries!

What is GOATA?


You know those multi-decade Athletes who never really get hurt.

These same movement patterns are also seen in indigenous tribes – before modern society gave us ALL the comforts of chairs, couches, bulky shoes, etc…

Who are some of the GOATA athletes?

The following is a short list of GOATAs

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Mike Tyson
  3. Muhammad Ali
  4. Serena Williams
  5. Usain Bolt
  6. Kobe
  7. Lawrence Taylor
  8. Roger Federer
  9. Martina Navratilova
  10. Ben Hogan
  11. Jack Nicklaus
  12. Gary Player
  13. Ed Reed
  14. Deion Sanders
  15. Barry Sanders
  16. Tom Brady
  17. Drew Brees
  18. Pele
  19. Diego Maradona
  20. Dave Scott
  21. Mirinda Carfrae and Craig “Crowie” Alexander
  22. Pete Rose
  23. Barry Bond
  24. Rickey Henderso
  25. Babe Ruth
  26. Ted Williams
  27. Ozzie Smith
  28. Tony Gwyn
  29. Emmitt Smith
  30. Nolan Ryan  and so many more…
HOW can I be GOATA?

Coaches use slow-motion video to analyze your movement patterns and assess where you need the most work to keep your joints and soft tissue healthy.

Slo-motion video does NOT lie!

You will get your own personalized GOATA RECODE exercises to do everyday, like brushing your teeth.

Then, we re-evaluate and see where you made improvements & where we need to put in the work!  IT REALLY DOES WORK!

I made a short video (below) of GOATA Movement.  It describes 3 key movement points (as a start)!


  1. KEEP YOUR INNER ANKLE BONES HIGH – that means don’t let your feet collapse, ever.  It takes a little time to build a foot if you rely on orthotics or other bulky shoes, but it truly pays dividends with your overall strength!
  2. SET BOWS – your legs are a spring… learn how to move so that you use your springs!
  3. CORNER THE HIPS – release that energy so that you can use it again!
Any questions??…

Hit me up!

I am scheduling private re-code sessions either remote or in person in MANASQUAN or AVON.

A small investment now WILL prolong the life of your body and help you avoid surgeries and repetitive stress injuries for many years to come!