Safety is our priority

We are very particular about technique and safety.

Our goal is to watch each individual progress and achieve the results they deserve.

Results can only occur when proper training habits are developed through world class coaching and consistent training.

We offer several coaching options and membership packages.

Anyone brand new to our training system must be orientated.

This means if you are brand new to training you will have to train with us on a private or semi private level until we feel you are ready to jump into our “Group Training” atmosphere.

All individuals participating in group training will be expected to know how to perform each exercise/movement or modification  that is done in class.  The “introductory classes” will prepare you for the the “Group Training”

30 Minute Introductory Packages

We use these sessions as a prerequisite to our group training.

These sessions will include the teaching of basic kettlebell and body weight movements until each individual becomes proficient enough to perform them safely.

Some individuals may need more training then others to prepare themselves for group training.

30 Minute Training Packages

1 session: $50

5 sessions: $200

10 sessions: $350

Group Intro Classes

Our group intro classes are $40 and are scheduled once per month. This is a ninety minute class that covers a ton of material including basic kettlebell and body weight movements.  Most individuals can learn enough in this class to get them started with our group training.

Group Training Packages

With our group training package, you can train as many times per week as you like. We recommend starting with three days and working up to 4 or 5 as your body adjusts to our training.

All packages are renewed on your credit card automatically.  This allows us to focus more  on supplying our customers with world class training.

We do not wish to hound people for money, we are here to make sure you are getting results!

1 month unlimited training 155/month

3 month commitment unlimited training 145/month

12 month commitment unlimited training 135/month

We accept ALL major credit cards, and all payments will be automatic/recurring through debit or credit card.

Special student and law enforcement discounts are available!

See you in class!!