Prepare your child for life or sport!

Our youth fitness classes will teach your child the basic movements they will need to become stronger and healthier for whatever life throws at them.

They will develop great habits that can carry over to real life situations.

A strong child=A confident child

Ages (10-13)

(Cost is $40 for the intro and 2 weeks of training)

The Training Room has been building a fitness revolution of strong, healthy and confident children! There is NOTHING more important than your child’s health and well being! What your child with get from us:

  • Dynamic warm up to prepare your child for safe and effective training. Flexibility is the cornerstone of strength and health. We’ll give your child a program they can use for life.

  • Gradual exercise progressions for all levels of fitness. This why each child progresses at their own pace. Our coaches are experts at evaluating every child’s ability, and building a program that is perfect for them.

  • Natural training and moving the way your child was meant to move including squatting, jumping, pushing, pulling, crawling, climbing and more. These are the most fundamental movements for coordination, athletic performance and health. You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see in your child after they master these movements.

  • Motivated, educated, caring and experienced staff. You can feel secure knowing that you’re signing up your child to work with coaches that take this responsibility very seriously. We’re parents too. You’re trusting us with your child’s health and fitness…we know how important it is and we will take care of your child like we would our own.

  • Fun games and incentives to motivate your child. If there’s one thing that our clients say make us different…it’s that we make health and fitness FUN! They’re kids! They’re supposed to have fun. When training is fun, your child becomes motivated to participate.

  • Discussion about proper food choices. Let’s face it, it tough to get kids to eat right. But, we can help them start to make some healthy choices. Just a few simple tweaks to what they eat can make a huge impact on their health, energy and focus.

We are only offering Youth Fitness Classes in the Manasquan location.

  • 10-13 years: Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 PM


  • Intro class and 2 week trial $40
  • Month to month membership $99
  • 3 month commitment $270 ( 90/month)