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Preventing Shin Splints and Foot Pain

All of this down time is allowing me to do more writing about the things that I feel passionate about.

Hopefully you will find some of this info useful and can pass it on to others that can use it.

As a Sports Medicine Professional (Athetic Trainer) for over 30 years, I’ve seen just about every sports related injury that exists!

What are Shin Spints?

Probably the most popular being overuse injuries such as “shin splints”.

Now, “shin splint” is a catch-all phrase for lower leg pain that usually manifests in the medial (inside), lateral, outside, or right down the middle of the shin (tibia bone)

The injury itself can be some of these things

  • Posterior tibialis muscle pain and inflamation
  • Anterior tib muscle pain and inflamation
  • Perineal muscle pain (outside of leg)
  • Some for of Tendonitis
  • Periostium pain and inflamation (the outside covering of the tibia bone)
  • Stress fractures (this is NO GOOD)

If you have have been a locomotive athlete (did a sport that involves running) your entire life, chances are that you have experienced some of this pain.

It’s not fun, and can cause many other issues to other parts of the body if it’s not dealt with properly.

In some lucky individuals with good foot mechanics and genetics it may just eventually go away, but not all of us are that lucky.

Prevention of Overuse Injuries

The best thing to do would be to try and prevent “shin splints” from happening.

BUT, on many occasions our bodies are put into situations that we are not prepared for.

For example, you plan on being a cross country or track athlete and you do nothing or very little to prepare yourself for preseason training.

So basically, you are going from doing NOTHING to doing A LOT of running!

You body goes into a sort of shock because it can’ handle the volume of the workouts.

NOW, you will have to STOP running and your season can be over (or drastically delayed) before it even started.

Find Reputable Running Coach

The best case senario would to find a local running coach that can help you set up a progressive running/stregnth training program.

We happen to have right here at The Training Room!

Hit up coach Brian! 

He would LOVE to help you!

Fix the Feet

I believe that everything starts with the feet.

Fix those feet and the rest of the body will follow suit!

Watch the video, then I’ve one more for you to watch below this…

Even coaches need coaches and resources in order to grow, learn and pass on important info to as many people possible.

The idea of being in this health and ftness industry is to HELP as many people as you can get better and feel the best they can throughout their lives.

There is SO much (too much) information out there!

We like to sift through the BS and give our members and friends the most useful information.

GOATA Movement

Lately, I’ve been following the GOATA movement coaches who are based out of New Orleans.

This is the most useful information that I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and we are lucky enough to have a very own certified GOATA coach right here!

Watch the video of Alicia as she explains the concept of GOATA.

NOW is the time to start preparing for your next sports season, or physical challenge such as a 5k, 10k, half marathon etc.

LIFE is a lot more fun when we are pain free!

You can reach out to Alicia here:

Contact [email protected] for more info and you own slow motion video analysis & programming!

Follow her on instagram HERE!

FYI, I plan in the near future to get my GOATA certification so I can help MANY more people!

Watch the video!