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First of all it was a pleasure to come down this morning and meet and talk with you for a bit, thanks for spending some of your time with me showing me around. The space you guys have there in Point is awesome and would love to come down and train with you guys in the future.

 Well here’s my story…For several years I was training the “normal” gym way and was just plain tired of it…Two years ago I wanted to make a change and was doing research via the internet and came across The Training Room. I checked out some of the training ideals that Mike and Jim applied and decided to jump in head first!! I purchased a few kettlebells and started to follow the workouts religiously. Within a short while I found myself to be, at age 46, in the best shape of my life…Then on April 3, 2011, I had a serious motor vehicle accident. I rolled my truck, was airlifted to Morristown Memorial Hospital, when I woke up a week later (45lbs lighter) they informed me that I had a broken neck, broken back, broken sternum, broken scapula, broken ribs(3), severed the C7 nerve, and had “blood on the brain” the size of a dime. While trying to take all this in, the surgeon who put me back together (Dr.George Naseef) came in to my room and basically told me that if I was not in such excellent physical shape that I would not be alive today. Well after months of physical therapy and alot of time just laying around letting my body heal, I finally got the go ahead to start training on December 12, 2011. Being a little nervous, I asked Dr. Naseef if he had any specific way he wanted me to go about training. His reply was do whatever you did to get get your body in the shape that allowed you to stay on this earth, and I’ll see you in a year. When I heard that I could not have been happier, that meant back to the workouts from “Training Room Online”. It’s now 10 weeks later and the progress is great, the stregnth isn’t the same (yet!!) but it is increasing week by week…

Needless to say I owe a lot of me being here to you guys at “Training Room Online” and the lifestyle you preach. For this my brothers, I will be forever grateful. I know that it’s not enough but…THANK YOU

Jeff Hook

Wayne Police Dept

Keep the great workouts coming, I’m making some nice gains thanks to you and the milkman! Last year was revolutionary for my fitness quest and I owe a lot of it to you guys. Functional fitness has completely changed my paradigm about what fitness is and who is actually fit. I’ll never go back. The only downside is that there’s no Training Room in Atlanta, GA! A bummer because I can’t get in on that “Gym Culture” that people in Avon get to enjoy (remind them for me about how fortunate they are). No worries, I’m slowly piecing together my own home gym that facilitates my daily torture session!  Hopefully I can make it up your way one of these days to get in on some of that 6:00am action!!Until then, keep the posts coming! You guys rock!

Thanks again,

Alex from Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to say thanks guys for setting up the online membership. I wasn’t sure if I should join, but man I’m glad I did. The Next best thing to being their. The weather always looks good too. Keep em coming and keep me inspired. Ever thought of an O.S francise.

Cheers, Travis from Australia

I wanted to add a congratulations about the new website, which looks great. I’ve been following your workouts of the day for a while and, since taking your day-long kettlebell and bodyweight workshop last February, incorporating them into my training. They are well-structured, challenging, and, as you put it, brutally effective–and they are an integral part of keeping me, in my 40s, in the best shape of my life for surfing and karate. Being asked to pay for something that you’re used to getting for free makes you realize what you value, and when you announced that you were starting to charge for access to the workouts, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Although I probably have gathered enough workouts to last a lifetime from what you’ve posted in the past, I would have missed seeing what you guys were coming up with, and I would have missed the general good vibe that you guys are generating on the Jersey shore, which manages to come across on the internet. I also would have felt like a heel for not supporting the time, care, and effort that you put into your website, which has clearly evolved into something more than just a marketing tool for your business. I’m lucky enough to divide my time between New York City and the East End of Long Island (where we have some pretty nice beaches and surf ourselves). But once it gets warmer, I plan to make the drive down from the city to get in a workout or two at the Training Room in person. In the meantime, ten dollars a month to stay connected to what you’ve got cooking in Avon–not to mention access to all the instructional videos (and your creative spelling and grammar)–is a steal. Thanks!

-Dale King- Training Room Online subscriber

“If you want to get lose weight quickly or get strong fast then the next thing to do is join the Training Room online membership. I live an hour away from the Training Room and make several trips a year to workout there. But now, with my online membership, it’s as good as having Mike and The Milkman training me everyday. You should join right now! They hand you a new workout everyday for a few bucks a month…the best deal in fitness”

- Paul Reddick- 7 Time Jersey Shore Foam Board Wipe Out Champ!


Hi guys,
I am really enjoying your site. The video section is probably the
best I have seen, very user friendly. Also, I like the way you
give instructions and present the information. There is no hype
or pretense just solid accurate information.  The programs length
are also a good because they fit into my busy schedule. Thanks again!
-Steve Strickler- Training Room Online Subscriber

“Trainer Mike” as he is known at the Boro is highly respected by his student athletes and his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone, anytime. Mike has been instrumental at school by implementing new training methods (kettlebell training) for both the athletes and the coaches.
Mike has done an excellent job at creating a culture of learning and anticipation when it comes to strength and conditioning. He is very diligent in his research, very well spoken and he is always ready to get after it. I highly recommend Mike’s training methods for anyone interested in getting results.

-Coach Miller - Freehold, NJ USA

For over three years I have been working with Jim and have experienced dramatic results with just a 30 minute class each week. A workout the varies week to week avoids the monotony that sometimes drains your drive to work out. Kettlebell / cross training is a perfect compliment to running one or two days a week.
The best endorsement is through referrals with friends and family; I continue to recommend Jim to all with positive feedback once they get under way with Jim.
Whether individual, group session, wife/husband, etc… Jim will work with you to achieve positive results.

-John Joyce - Interlaken,NJ

After many attempts to start working out(both on my own and with other trainers),I would always become physically injured and mentally discouraged. I wouldn’t be able to continue. I had become a overweight couch potato who even had trouble getting into and off of the couch.
I started to work out with Mike and the results have been outstanding. Each session is well thought out and customized to my needs. All of his workouts are challenging but not overbearing. Mike has introduced many new exercises(particularly kettlebell) and patiently demonstrates proper technique and required reps.
Since I have begun working with Mike, I have lost weight, and am able to enjoy many activities I haven’t been able to do for many years. I am much healthier and my strength and stamina have increased dramatically. I actually look forward to my training sessions.
Thanks Mike… Your expertise, patience and teaching ability are greatly appreciated.

-Dan Coleman - Sea Girt

I have been with jim for about 7 years at the training room and he has by far made me a stronger person, both physically and mentally. Im 6’7″ 195lbs, i was and felt skinny, lanky and weak. The experience and expertise that he has made me work harder at everything, Improving my strength, and muscle tremendously, putting confidence back in me. Jim is constantly coming up with new ideas and better workouts to improve the individual performance. Just when you think your weak and have nothing hes the guy that keeps you goin. Twice a week i cant wait to see what ‘master blaster’ heart rate asskicker hes come up with. Whether its with weight or no weight, one kettle bell or two, individual or class, i know he can keep me up to my full potential and leave the ‘house of pain’ feeling like i had the best workout every time. I will continue to train with jim as long as i can.

-Justin Smith - Neptune, NJ

I attended a kettlebell seminar this past weekend with Mike Stehle. All I can say is ‘OUCH’!!!!! (I’m still feeling the ‘GOOD’ pain)
Mike is an incredible teacher and certainly knows his stuff. I got so much out of the session that it absolutely motivated me into taking my clients to a NEW level of personal training.
I am definitely looking forward to attending more seminars with Mike. Not only is he knowledgeable, but is a genuinely nice guy as well.

-Wendy @ Electrofit - Bergen County, NJ

Jim is a unique trainer in that he could push you to limits you would have never imagined reaching. I attend a high school with a very competitive soccer and basketball program,which also happen to be the two sports that I play. I began training with Jim right after last soccer season for the upcoming basketball season. I was not the most skilled player, however, I was in great physical shape and was able to keep up with the best in the gym. I know that would not have been possible without the motivation I received from Jim. I am determined to be one of the most physically fit on the field/court for the upcoming seasons, and sticking with Jim will enable me to reach that goal.

-Amanda Mahon - Avon, NJ

I first met Mike at an athletic training conference approximately 3 years ago and immediately knew that Mike was the real deal when it came to helping others. He is a very knowlegeable athletic trainer and even more so as a fitness specialist. He also makes himself available to me whether in the rehab part of the job or the fitness part. It has been over 3 years and he still continues to amaze me with his passion fro fitness and helping others. He also finds time to show me how to achieve the maximum fitness benefits when time is of the essence. I think he always goes above and beyond.

-John - OceanTownship HS

Jim keeps you going even when you thought you had given it all. He always seems to be able to get a little more out of you. I get more done in a small amount of time working out with Jim, than I have in years going to the gym by myself. His enthusiasm and easygoing ways keep you working to do better. He can talk you through the most grueling workouts. He provides the encouragement to keep you from thinking about how hard you are working out and in doing so, you end up getting much more accomplished than you ever thought you could. He is very knowledgeable and incorporates some fun into what could easily be a long, boring, and exhausting workout.

-Terry Mahon - Avon by the Sea, NJ

Concerning exercise and training – motivation and inspiration are what keeps a true athlete committed. These also help provide focus, and make workouts fun. And Mike does all of the above. His own work ethic is inspiring, while his kinesthetic knowledge and attitude motivates you to reach any level of physical fitness YOU wish to attain. For me , I like the intensity the workouts allow me to acheive without the “meathead” aspect, that can so often ruin a training atmosphere. Instead, the atmosphere is supportive no matter what level of training you seek, while challenging you at whatever skill level you are on.
The kettlebell instruction from Mike is also excellent; taught in manageable increments, and focused on technique.
Since competing in athletics in college, I haven’t experienced that same excitement and motivation from a workout until I trained with Mike. Highly rewarding…

-Rob - Farmingdale, NJ

I truly believe that Jim saved my life. When I started to workout last year, my blood pressure was very high! Having a family history of heart disease, I knew that I was on the same path. Since then and with help from ‘THE TRAINING ROOM’ my blood pressure is normal and I lost 40lbs. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

-Mike Fallon - NYC

Kettlebells and Hot Sauce are similar that they are both painful and enjoyable(alright maybe not that enjoyable) Mike is the master chef of the Kettlebell kitchen making each session different and wanting more. People ask me why are you hitting the golf ball so far, and having little or no trouble getting out of the rough, and the answer is ” KETTLEBELLS ” Thanks Mike

-Dennis Buchanan - Belmar ,NJ

I can not even put into writing what an amazing trainer Jim is. I have had several trainers and none of which can even come near the professionalism, knowledge, and motivation that Jim exudes on a daily basis. Even when I doubt myself, he is there to push me to the next level. Before starting at the Training Room, I was at a point where my workouts were just stagnate and I was barely seeing results. Since starting with Jim’s kettlebell training classes, I have seen remarkable results and literally plan my week around working out. Jim is an exceptional trainer and every chance I get I make sure that I recommend him to everyone that I know!

-Danielle - Manasquan, NJ

He is truly a professional and I would hold any trainer I have in the future to the standard that he set. Mike knows everything about form and technique and when it came to new movements, he guided me through the learning curve every step of the way. What really set him apart from other trainers is that he showed me a new definition of personal training. I have a two fantastic gyms 2 minutes from my house but I drive 30 minutes just so I could train in the same facility as this guy. Since I started, I’ve completely quit smoking cold turkey and for the first time in four years I can see my abs again. I highly recommend personal sessions with Mike and the group classes he holds are like icing on the cake.

-Eric - Marlboro, NJ

After many years of going to the gym for what I thought was a good workout I realized I was not seeing results. After training with Jim for only five months I can see and feel RESULTS! It is an amazing thing to be able to get a workout in 30 minutes and know that it was exactly what my body needed AND more beneficial than spending twice that amount of time at the gym. Jim is professional, motivating, experienced, and committed to his clients. Even in a class environment Jim’s focus and attention make it feel like one-on-one training. He clearly has an expressed interest in our success and overall health. Because of Jim, I was finally able to “quit the gym!”

-Shanna H. - Neptune City

Two years ago my life, like many peoples’, had become quite busy with little time or energy for working out. I searched for an efficient, results-oriented, and fun routine and found it with Mike Stehle. Through Mike’s KB regiment of 1/2 hour a day 3x a week, I put on 13 pounds of muscle in 3 months. Unbelievable! I felt great, was hardly sore, and had more energy than ever. My co-workers saw the more positive me, it showed that much. Those results have lasted, along with my excitement for kettlebells, for two years now. I’d like to thank Mike for always being supportive and patient while pushing me to a physical level that I did not know was possible. Thanks Mike.

-Ryan - Spring Lake, NJ

I’ve been working out with Jim for close to 3 years, and he is a top-notch professional, master motivator, and a constant innovator when it comes to workout design. He puts the “Work” in workouts – slacking will not be tolerated! Most importantly, he insists that every rep be done the RIGHT way for maximum benefit and minimum risk of injury.


-Muzz - Old Bridge, NJ

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