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20 Minute Bell and Bar Challenge

Here’s a fun 20 minute challenge that only takes one kettlebell, a bar and your own body weight…

Go here to see the full article posted in Men’s Fitness.

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The Jumping Snatch!

What did you train today?

The gym’s been pretty busy these days, and my time has been limited.

Between work and getting ready for our upcoming kettlebell certification, my training time is minimal.

But, there is no excuse for not getting something done!

I had 20 minutes to spare before picking lunch up at Fins, and heading to school.

Warm […]

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20 Minute Body Weight USA Workout

Do this one anywhere!

Just to change things up, I’ve been doing A LOT of body weight training lately.

I will start to get a little more creative to preventĀ boredomĀ and also to challenge myself with my own body weight.

As you see, I’ve been enjoying the USA and feel it is the superior suspension training system for several […]

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Try to break 10 rounds of this 20 minute body weight challenge!

As you know, we love quick and simple workouts.

We also like to integrate athletic movements such as box jumps once or twice a week.

These explosive full body movements are a great way to maintain some level of athleticism.

I personally like to keep myself feeling somewhat athletic in my mid 40’s.

Use it or lose it!

Try this […]

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Building a Rock Solid Mid Section

Growing up as a kid, I chopped lots of wood in my back yard in order to feed our wood burning stove that heated a large part of our house.

I enjoyed this as a kid, and was also great training for me as an athlete. Without even realizing it, I was strengthening the heck out […]

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