Level 1 and 2 IKFF Kettlebell Certifications Coming to The Training Room

Hey folks!

Just a quick heads up…

We will be hosting Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn’s Level 1 and 2 IKFF Kettlebell Certifications at the Avon gym on Ausgust 25th and 26th respectively.

Start time for both will be 10am and courses will run all day.

Sign up links:

Level 1 Pay in full ($750)
Level 1 Pay half now and […]

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Busting Through Strength Plateaus….Extreme Strength Seminar with MANdler!

What are you doing May 12th???
I’ll tell you what you are doing!
You are gonna learn the simple and scary effective way to be stronger than the offspring of Hercules and Sasquatch!!!

How would you like to get a 30% increase in your ass kicking abilities in the gym, and in life, just by spending […]

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New Class times in the PM Hours (feedback please)

Hey guys

We’re looking to make the evening classes more consistent.

This is what we’re looking at:

Monday through Thursday


Friday will stay the same with class from 5-6

What do you think about this schedule?

Please drop a comment below!

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A little sled dragging and Prowler pushing out in the Lain of Pain

Here’s great way to finish up your strength workout!

Out in the back of The Training Room we’ve got a nice stretch of pavement about 100 yards long.

For obvious reasons, we’ve named this spot “The Lain of Pain”

We had a nice strength session with a bunch of the guys from the TR including The Cap, MMA […]

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Start your Training for the Warrior Challenge (and watch this incredible video)

The Warrior Challenge is officially planned for July 16.

Start your training!

We will be posting Warrior Challenge Training tips on our website soon.

If you plan participating in this epic event you will want to pay attention.

You will also want to make sure you are on our email list so you can get updates and training tips. […]

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Charles Staley Olympic Lifting Certification hits the Jersey Shore!

That’s right folks!

Jim and I decided that’s it time to come out of our comfort zone of kettlebell training a little and work on our Olympic lifting.

Who wants to join us for this 2 day certification course with world renown strength coach, Charles Staley?

Charles has been on a world tour lately, and decided that he […]

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A great party trick for all you pull up freaks!

Here’s a cool way that may help you progress to a one arm pull up.

This is also a fun pull up option to use when pull ups are called for in one of our strength workouts.

It’s nice to mix things up when you do lots of pull ups.  Mixing up your grips makes it fun […]

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Tour Our Facility!

Since The Milkman and are constantly upgrading the gym, I have just updated the gym tour.

We’ve been in business since 1999. We started in Belmar, and moved to Avon by the sea (1 mile up the road) in 2001.

We started with 800 square feet in Belmar. Avon had 1000 in the original room.

We eventually took […]

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