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Tabata Body Weight Conditioning

Hey guys and gals.

I’m trying to hold myself accountable by posting most of my workouts here.

It’s another week of body weight training, and so far I’m feeling pretty darn good.

We’ve been hitting the trails on our mountain bikes pretty hard for the past few weeks in addition which has been great compliment to this training […]

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My Body Weight Training Experiment

Since 2001, I’ve gone pretty much full steam ahead with kettlebell training with not too many breaks.

We did the CrossFit thing for a year or so, but things always went back to kettlebells. They’re are bread and butter.

We always mixed body weight training in with whatever program we used.

For the next few months I […]

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Can you do this on your suspension training system?

You can if you suspension training system is a USA!
Pick up your USA for less then the most popular suspension system.
Stay tuned for more kettlebell and body weight workout using this unique training tool.

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20 Minute Body Weight USA Workout

Do this one anywhere!

Just to change things up, I’ve been doing A LOT of body weight training lately.

I will start to get a little more creative to preventĀ boredomĀ and also to challenge myself with my own body weight.

As you see, I’ve been enjoying the USA and feel it is the superior suspension training system for several […]

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