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Jersey Shore Beach Bootcamp

The New You Awaits…

Join The Best FAT LOSS Boot Camp at the Jersey Shore!
Over 200 people Transformed…
Making men and women at the Jersey Shore stronger, leaner and confident for over 20 years!

NEW! The Training Room of Manasquan is excited to be teaming up with Manasquan Recreation to bring you this unique Beach Bootcamp!
Stop wasting your time […]

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Jersey Shore Female Athlete Strength and Conditioning and Bootcamp

 “The Training Room provides the missing link to my training as a professional athlete  These workouts transfer to any sport or activity at ANY level. This program works perfectly for me as an Olympic Athlete and prepares me both mentally and physically for international, world class soccer.”

Christie Rampone: Captain USA Women’s Soccer



Attention:Female Athletes

The Jersey Shore’s ONLY Complete Female […]

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Busting Through Strength Plateaus….Extreme Strength Seminar with MANdler!

What are you doing May 12th???
I’ll tell you what you are doing!
You are gonna learn the simple and scary effective way to be stronger than the offspring of Hercules and Sasquatch!!!

How would you like to get a 30% increase in your ass kicking abilities in the gym, and in life, just by spending […]

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Integrated Power Workshop…Combining Bells and Bodies for Optimal Athleticism!

Train with some of the most innovative fitness pros around.
Learn the most unique and practical training progressions for yourself or you clients.
Learn how to effectively use and combine kettlebells, your own body weight, barbells, sand bags and other training modalities in manner that can be translated to ALL levels.
Learn training progressions from the most elementary […]

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It’s been a long time coming!

That’s right!

It was January of 1999 when The Milkman and I first opened our doors in Belmar after working together for 5 years at The Atlantic Club.

I used to get yelled at all the time for not wearing my name tag!

It took $5000 to open our very first gym!

We started out with 800 square feet […]

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Creating a Culture in your Fitness Operation!

“Our Clients Bring Beer!”
Creating a Culture in your Fitness Operation!
A brief story of how we came about and why we are kicking ass and ruling The Jersey Shore!
A Brief History of Uncle Mike and the Milkman

Circa 1999

When The Milkman and I started up The Training Room in 1999, we never dreamed it would escalate to […]

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Sincere Hogan/Chris Reed Kettlebell and Body Weight Workshop

This should be a blast!

We already have a bunch signed up for this workshop.

Sincere Hogan is one of my personal friends.  He’s an quality dude, fantastic coach and I enjoy training with him!

You should know by now that The Training Room only lets quality individuals through our doors.

Speaking of quality individuals, Chris Reed, who will […]

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My Zach Even Esh inspired strength session (video included)!

I was inspired by my pal Zach Even Esh.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As Zack would say, “Crank some heavy shizzz!!”

BTW Zach, I expect you to comment on this post!!

The big metal block we have weighs around 280 we think.

I’ve seen my friend Zack dead lift this with one hand.

I cannot do […]

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A little sled dragging and Prowler pushing out in the Lain of Pain

Here’s great way to finish up your strength workout!

Out in the back of The Training Room we’ve got a nice stretch of pavement about 100 yards long.

For obvious reasons, we’ve named this spot “The Lain of Pain”

We had a nice strength session with a bunch of the guys from the TR including The Cap, MMA […]

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Today’s Crunched Kettlebell Workout!

I did this today.

15 seconds work/15 seconds rest for 20 minutes:

Kettlebell snatch r
kettlebell snatch l
Ring push ups
Pull ups

Keeping the reps of each movement at 7 in the 15 second time period for a grand total of:

140 snatches

70 ring push ups

70 pull ups

Try it!

Drop a comment below!

I would love to here how you might modify this […]

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